The Ultimate Guide To apartment Interior Design

The Ultimate Guide To apartment Interior Design

Have you just moved into a new apartment and are looking for some inspiration to help you decorate and fit it out with style? Well, it is lucky you are here. Apartments are usually a bit smaller than houses, and the interior design must be sympathetic to that. There are a few tricks that I have picked up over the years that can turn a small, dull place into an exciting place to live.

Read on, and you will find out how you can transform your apartment too. It isn’t difficult, and you will have great fun doing it.


It doesn’t matter what you do to improve your surroundings if you use shoddy workmanship and materials. Think about quality at every step. Take your time in everything you do until it is perfect. Do not compromise on the furniture; if it is very cheap then it is poor quality. You only get what you pay for in this world.


Try not to make the decor in one room too different from that in the other rooms. The scheme needs to flow smoothly throughout so that you don’t break the space up visually.


With the continuation in mind, laminate flooring is the perfect choice of flooring material that can be put down in every room seamlessly. It is the biggest project you will take on, but the results are startling, so make a start on it first. Here are some tips for fitting it.

  • Remove all of the skirting boards in every room with a hammer and chisel.
  • Start laying the boards down the center of the hallway and work outwards, moving through the doorways and into the rooms. You may need to cut some awkward shapes into the boards that fit in the doorways; use a coping saw. That is the hardest part of the job.
  • When you are thoroughly exhausted, as you will be, replace the skirting boards with new. You can stick them to the walls with instant grab adhesive that comes in a tube. Take your time and make the joints as perfect as you can.


Paint the walls in matching colours throughout. Do not use dark shades because they will make your home feel small. Because you are in an apartment, make a feature out of one wall using one of the incredible photo wallpaper prints available online. There are hundreds from which you can choose. Maybe your favourite landmark or city skyline will look stunning.


Lighting sets the mood in the room. Modern LED fittings are the way of the future and are safe to use in tight places, such as under shelves and in alcoves. Make sure that the main lighting source is dimmable and use table lamps to highlight dark areas.

Window Blinds

As the subtitle suggests, a trendy apartment calls for window blinds instead of curtains. Vertical and venetian blinds will suit almost every setting and will not make the room feel closed in, the way that heavy drapes do.

As you can see, decorating an apartment is great fun, though it does mean working in every room at once to get it right. It’s not such a chore though, because you only need to do it every five years or so, unlike a house where people decorate rooms in turn, and they never get a year off. I hope you have found this guide useful; many others have before you.


Ben Husmann


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