The decision to live a more environmentally friendly sort of life isn’t something which just occurred to me one day completely out of the blue. My parents were huge fans of the green life at a time when it wasn’t really as widespread as it is now.

This means that from a young age they taught me all about green values and about how important it is to take care of the planet we live in. This means that when I moved into my own house with my boyfriend it was a natural progression for me to start to turn my new place into the sort of green home I had been brought up in.

However, it was while doing this that I realised that I had a lot of green ideas which other people might not be aware of. This blog is my chance to share them and also to let you know what we get up to when we go out for the weekend or decide to make some improvements to our home and garden. I might also take the occasional opportunity to write about new green products, environmentally friendly ideas I have just come across and green news in general.

As far as the rest of the family goes, we have a faithful dog called Lucy who is the most easy going dog in the world. Jeremy, our cat, can be a handful at times but having the two of them around the place makes it far more of a home than it would otherwise be.

Whether you want to help the planet more or just like to read about what other families get up to, I hope you will find stories and articles here to entertain you. The blog will maybe even let you find out a few new things into the bargain.