A Guide to Having a More Eco Friendly Garden

A Guide to Having a More Eco Friendly Garden

Eco Friendly gardens are all the rage nowadays, and it is clear that many people are finding that they’re a good thing to have. If you are new to the world of ‘eco-friendly,’ you probably have no idea what you can do, to make your garden eco-friendly. If you’re unsure of what constitutes as being eco-friendly, fear not, as you’ll soon learn everything you need to, so that you too, can become an eco-warrior.

Have a Compost Heap



An essential part of having an eco-friendly garden, you must ensure that you have a compost heap in your garden. You do not need to have it in plain sight as this might make your garden look a little bit messy. Thankfully, you can now buy storage compartments, that will form a place to store your compost heap.

These storage compartments do not cost a lot of money, and come in many shapes and sizes. You will use the compost heap, to get rid of lawn mower clippings, as well as vegetable shavings. The compost produced, would be ideal for any future gardening projects you have in mind.

Collect Rainwater

Another thing you must focus on if you’re looking to create an eco-friendly garden is to have a place in which you can collect rainwater. Collected rainwater can be used to water plants, without having to expose them to some of the chemicals that are in normal tap water. To collect rainwater, you must invest in a special container; that often comes with a built in faucet, making it easy for you to access the collected rainwater. Be sure to place your container, in an open area, so it is easy to collect the rainwater. In some parts of the world, collecting rainwater is illegal, so first find out if you’re allowed to do it.

Be Careful With Pesticides



In addition to the items mentioned, you can also help the environment, by being sparing with your use of pesticides. Pesticides can be very damaging to the environment, and the animals nearby. Therefore, when you’re using such chemicals, always try and practice a little bit of caution. Should you have the time, you might find you are able to buy yourself a pesticide that is much more friendly for the environment, making it safer to use.

Be Careful With Outdoor Attractions

If you happen to break something outside, or leave some litter, it could harm the local wildlife. Therefore, if you have a TV, or something similar outdoors, ensure that you buy an outdoor TV case, from The TV Shield company. Such a case will protect the TV from breaking, and releasing some potentially dangerous shrapnel into your garden. If litter is a constant problem in your garden, you can also take the time to invest in an outdoor bin, preventing anything from causing clutter.

Are You an Eco-Warrior?

If you’ve ever had ambitions of becoming an eco-warrior, you now know what it takes for that to be the case. Whether you stop using pesticides, or you begin collecting rainwater, it’s up to you. Just know that whatever you decide to do, making your garden eco-friendly, does not need to be difficult.

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