Mind-Blowing Ideas For Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Mind-Blowing Ideas For Your Bathroom Renovation Project

A bathroom renovation is one of the most satisfying home improvements to take on. It is a dual purpose room; on one hand it need to be functional, and on the other it needs to be a place to relax and unwind in peace. A functional bathroom, where people can prepare themselves for a hard day ahead, doesn’t need to look beautiful, so people must spend a lot on them for style and relaxation.

If you are thinking about revamping yours, there are some great tips here that you may find very interesting. Bathroom design has moved on over the last twenty years, and you may be surprised at what is on offer out there.


If your bathroom has a single light source, call in an electrician to move it. Modern lighting systems are designed to enhance the quality of the room, not just to dazzle you in the morning when you are still half asleep. Now, in your research you will hear a lot about LED lights. They are a wise solution for your bathroom, or indeed any room in the house. LED lights do not give off much heat, use a fraction of the electricity that others use, and last up to twenty times as long. They can also be controlled by a dimmer switch. Here are some places that you could install LED fittings in your room.

  • Recessed into the ceiling.
  • In the shower cubicle.
  • In the bath Panel.
  • In the cabinets.
  • In the floor.

Yes, you read that right, you can even have illuminated floor tiles.

Fixtures And Fittings

No-one wants to spend long cleaning. You can make life easier by installing wall hung toilets and vanity units. They make the job of floor cleaning much easier. Remember to use natural cleaning products such as lemon juice and vinegar for cleaning, they are environmentally friendly and will not leave harmful residues that can be detrimental to your health. The choice of bathtub is probably the most important decision you will have to make. It is the biggest feature in the rooms, and there is a vast range to view. Many people invest a lot of money into a whirlpool bath; the ultimate word in relaxation.

Buy the best quality taps and other hardware that you can afford. It is a part of the project where quality speaks for itself. They will usually fit any bath or basin because they are a standard size.


Tile the walls and floor. There is no other product better suited to the bathroom. Big tiles look best, as you will see in pictures and showrooms. Tiles that look like marble or another stone are en vogue at the moment; try to avoid busy patterns in the design.

When you have done all of the hard work and the project is nearing its end, think about accessories such as window dressings. Do not use curtains in the bathroom, opt for modern window blinds instead. They come in many designs and colours; there is something out there to suit your room.

Now you have the information, you can do your own research and start work on a feature that could increase the value of your home. That is a bonus.


Thanks to Bill Wilson for this image


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