Shopping for rugs – how not to break your budget, but still get an excellent quality rug

Shopping for rugs – how not to break your budget, but still get an excellent quality rug

Cheap is not a word you may associate with a fine quality rug and, as a descriptive word, it probably gas connotations to it that are negative – in many buying experiences, cheap means ‘making do’ or buying some of inferior quality that will not last the test of time.

But in this case, cheap rugs does not necessarily mean that the quality is poor, with substandard materials and hasty construction; it is possible to get an amazing rug at a great price. Of course being frugal is now very much in vogue, with the need to recycle, repair and re-use; there are some great ideas about home décor and re-using items to adorn your home

However, when it comes to cheap rugs, your shopping trip will need to take on a whole new angle and here are our top 3 ideas to getting the right rug, without a hefty price tag…

Tip 1: Be flexible (or, in other words, compromise)

Many customers have set ideas about what they want and need from a rug, from the colour to the pattern etc. On one hand, this is not a bad thing but if you are shopping on a budget it can spell disaster. Frustration will mount as you find perfect rug after perfect rug, only to find that it is so far out of your price range you will weep tears of deep distress (never underestimate the effect of dissatisfaction).

If you are intent on buying a cheap rug on a budget, you will need to widen your selection criteria. You may want the latest hot navy rug, with gold thread at an astronomical size to fit your ample lounger, but may be you will need modify this slightly, opting for a navy ‘zig-zag’ instead.

In terms of price, the greatest difference between uber-expensive and cheaper is the material. Without a doubt, the natural fibres such as wool, even though hard wearing and great for anyone, they tend to carry a bigger price tag than synthetic materials. If you can have the same pattern and colour (more or less) in a synthetic fibre, why not opt for that?

Tip 2: the ‘sold as seen’ section

Some stores – both high street and online like – also have a ‘sold as seen’ section which can be great for the bargain hunters among us. What this means is that the items cannot be technically or possibly legal described as new. You will expect the usual sign here that you may have seen previous such as ‘display item’ or maybe there is a slight defect in the rug that, even though it may not compromise the quality or robustness of the item, it is less-than-perfect. Rather than taking a chance and selling as new, and face negative feedback and the prospect of refunding the customer, companies will often sell them off as ‘slight seconds’.

If you do opt for this you can really bag a great bargain in terms of a cheap rug, but take time to check over the item thoroughly. The store want to sell the rug as an item of stock gathering dust in the warehouse is no good to anyone. If you live with the defect, the likelihood is no one else will notice anyway…

Tip 3: Shop online

patternShopping online has been a revolution for those on the lookout for a bargain and there are a whole host of tips and tricks to get the best online deals,

Online retailers, such as the Rug Retailer, do not have a ‘middle man’ that they need to pay, along with expensive rents for a shop or retail unit and hence, they can offer far better deals so that cheap rugs are a real possibility for many consumers.

And finally…

You may also want to have a look at your current rug and take a moment to consider why you are replacing it; in the days when being thrifty was a necessity, in the 21st century savvy homeowners are realising that repairing and cleaning an item are two ways of breathing extra life into a rug.

Many high quality rugs that are decades old can have a new lease of life with professional care; many rugs were made to last and thus repairing it can be easy for those with the skills. Likewise, cleaning technology and equipment have also moved on in great strides, thus years of dirt and dust can be cleaned away.

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