Vital Things To Check Before Buying A Country Cottage

Vital Things To Check Before Buying A Country Cottage

A move to the country is the dream of many people. The houses and gardens of suburban homes are tiny compared with that which is available just a few miles out of town.

Perhaps you have sold a property and now have the luxury of being able to buy a house without the need for a mortgage. You are in an enviable position to say the least. It is not a legal requirement for you to order a professional survey on a potential home, but it would be foolish not to.

You can save cash by identifying problems yourself and sort the wheat from the chaff as they say. When you find a property that ticks all of your boxes, wherever it may be, order a building and pest inspection in Brisbane, Sydney, London, or anywhere else in the world. The experts will survey and identify any structural or infestation problems that exist. If there are problems, you might decide to proceed with the purchase and repair them at a later date. That is your choice.

Here are a few things to look for in a country cottage.


Buildings that are over one hundred years old will not have a damp proof course in the walls. Many of them cope perfectly well without one, but sometimes problems can arise. Look for rising damp on the exterior walls of the building. it is easy to identify, here are a few clues:

  • Flaking Paint
  • Detached Wallpaper
  • Black Spots
  • Musty Smell
  • Rotten Skirting Boards
  • Beads Of water

If you see the signs, it is not the end of the world. Modern treatments can solve the problem. One way is by injecting a chemical into the walls through pre-drilled holes. The chemical forms a barrier and stops the damp in its tracks.


John Nutall


Check how much insulation is in the loft. it is easy to add more if you need to. it costs little and will save money on your heating bills.

There may not be cavities in the walls of the cottage, but you can add insulation to the outside of them and then coat  it with a render. The Green Deal scheme that in operation at the moment will refund some of the money you spend on these home improvements. Ask for some advice from a company that specialises in insulation. They could save you much money.

The Roof

If the building has a thatched roof, ask the present owner how old it is. You can expect the thatch to last for about seventy years before changing it, so there is no need to panic. look at the condition of the roof with a set of binoculars. Are there any holes where vermin or birds get in and out? The roof should be covered with wire mesh to protect it. Make sure it is intact.

The Chimney

It is expensive to rebuild a chimney stack. look for signs of decay in the mortar courses between the bricks and check how much it leans by comparing it to a plumb line at arms length. An expert survey the only way to be sure the chimney is safe, but some faults might be glaring.

Soon enough you will move into your dream home with confidence that all is well. Your keen eye and the information here served you well when you needed it. Now you can relax and enjoy life; some things are worth the wait.

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