Easy Steps To Turn Your Shed Into A Quiet Getaway

Easy Steps To Turn Your Shed Into A Quiet Getaway

Sheds are amazing buildings; we can do so much in them. Men find something in there to occupy all of their spare time. It is a constant battle to stop that valuable space being used as a storage room for junk that you do not need. Every shed is taken over by rubbish eventually, and after a few years we must have a clear out to dispose of our unwanted things.

It is a shame to let such a useful structure go to waste when it has so much potential. Why don’t you use yours as a peaceful place to relax, away from the house. If that idea interests you, here are the easy steps to turn the shed into a quiet getaway.


You must relocate the shed to the part of the garden that gets the most sunlight. That is not difficult, but you need to prepare a suitable base for it. Flagstones are cheap these days and offer a perfect solution. As long as the ground is firm and level, all you need to do is put the slabs in place. What could be easier than that?


The shed will get hot when the sun is shining, so you must use roof insulation to keep the interior cool. Have you ever heard of the living roof? Yes, you can create a mini garden on the roof of your shed that will act as insulation and look attractive at the same time. It is simple to make; here’s how you do it.

  • Make the roof of the shed into a box by fixing planks of wood to the edges of it.
  • Use pond liner to make it waterproof. Make some holes in it at the bottom of the slope for drainage. Make holes in the wooden frame too.
  • Put a layer of potting compost in the liner. Make it three or four inches thick.
  • Sprinkle grass seed or plant Alpines.

It is as simple as that. You will be doing your bit for the planet too as the birds and insects will appreciate your efforts.


When you have finished working outside, turn your attention to the interior design. Deal with the window first. Browse the shops and take a look at blinds online to find a suitable product to suit your scheme and personality. You could cover the floor in seagrass mats or another natural material. You shouldn’t use a carpet or expensive products; it is still a shed when all is said and done. Buy some inexpensive but comfortable garden furniture and use some fabric to jazz it up a bit. It isn’t hard to do with a little imagination. You do not need electricity in your haven. Take drinks to it in a cool box and use candles or battery powered lanterns in the evening.

That is it. You have made a cheerful hideaway in only a couple of days. The shed is an important part of the garden, so make the most of it. It is a shame to see such a majestic structure go to waste.


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