Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Property

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Property

It can be a battle of wills – buying a property.  The agent will be using all their tricks of the trade to avoid giving you facts that may put you off buying.  This is why it is important to remember that they are legally bound to tell you the truth, if you ask the right questions.  In the following article, we will look at some of the savvy questions you should ask when you are looking at property for sale Devon

Why Are They Selling?

The estate agent doesn’t have to answer this question.  However, they might give you some insight into the seller’s situation and why they need to sell.

Are There Things They Would Want To Know Before Buying?

It can be scary buying a property and thinking that there might be things that other people know about that you don’t.  For instance, local public transport services may be being reduced or a big obstructive factory may be opening soon.  If you are still in any doubt about a property, ask the neighbors or local store owners as they are likely to know the area well.

What Do You Get For The Sale Price?

As it may not always be clear exactly what you are getting for the sale price, you need to ask the agent what is involved.  Is the greenhouse or shed included?  Are the fixtures and fittings included in the price too?  Often the entire contents of a property will be included in the price, but always ask to make sure you know what you are getting.

What Is The Seller’s Minimum Price They Would Accept?

Although it might sound ridiculous, asking whether or not the bottom end of the price margin is negotiable could save you a whole lot of money.  Often agents will give you at least an indication because they want to make a sale, even if it is at a lower price.

How Old Is The Property?

As well as being nice to know for your own benefit, it is also worth asking as it is normally more expensive to maintain and take care of older properties.

Have Any Rooms Been Recently Redecorated?

It might seem like a strange question to ask as sellers will redecorate a property to present it as a blank canvas and increase the likelihood of it selling.  However, people sometimes repaint rooms to cover cracks and damp, so it is important that you ask if there has been any recent decorating work done and why.

Are The Neighbours Noisy?

No-one wants to move next door to the neighbours from hell.  Therefore, it is worthwhile asking about the neighbours.  If a seller has lodged complaints against them then they are legally obliged to tell you when asked about it.

What Can They Tell You About The Area?

What can they tell you about the local neighborhood?

If you are unfamiliar with the area you are moving to, it is important to ask the agent/seller about it so you know whether it is suitable or not.  As well as asking the estate agent about things such as the transport links, the crime rate and schools; it is also sensible to conduct some independent research as well to understand the bigger picture.

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