Want To Style Your Home Like an Interior Design Pro? Then Read This

Want To Style Your Home Like an Interior Design Pro? Then Read This

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Has your home lost pace with the modern world and started to look a little frumpy? There comes a time in all of our lives when we sit back and start to evaluate our outlook on life. It could be a midlife crisis, or simply that we have a little more time on our hands to sit back and contemplate. Life, they say, does begin at forty. The middle aged or older generation will have grown up with a completely different style of decor to the one that the younger generation adopts today. Maybe it is time that they were brought kicking and screaming into the present.

Modern decor can be a little difficult to understand and achieve for the ameteur designer, so I have set out here, a few of the basics that you need to know in order to style your home like an interior design pro.

Colour Scheme

Each room will probably have its own colour scheme and choosing it can be a difficult task. This is why all of the best designers use mood boards. A mood board is a fairly simple idea. Take a board and put on it examples of the paint colour, wallpaper, fabrics, and pictures of possible furniture choices. This is an awesome way of seeing how colours match or contrast. Being able to see what works together on one board makes the design job easier.

The actual colours used in your room is completely down to personal choice. Blue, for example, is a cool colour that works great in rooms that get plenty of midday sun while moody red may be your choice for the sultry bedroom design.


It is probably time to replace the 1970’s sideboard that takes up one end of your living room. There are people who will pay you good money for it now anything retro is in fashion. Modern alternative pieces such as the great quality Satara Mango furniture and many other designs found online bring your room into the now with a bang. It doesn’t matter if the pieces don’t match; eclectic seems to be the word these days.


It seems that designers are going out of their way to make a statement with bathrooms as part of their projects. Browse the suites available to you. You will find that the traditional rectangular bathtub and pedestal basin are surpassed by modern alternatives. Sinks are now found recessed into wooden furniture or stone worktops, and baths come in all shapes and sizes.

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The bedroom will always need to be a tranquil setting that encourages rest. See how the designer has cleverly used gentle lighting effects and neutral colours to give a contemporary but relaxing feel to the room.


Modern rooms these days are not packed full of wall pictures and ornaments. Choose a few pieces that you really love and set them in your room in the optimal place. Table lamps, these days, serve as both art and functional lighting solution.

As you can see, moving into the 21st century need not be such a chore. I guess letting go of the past and moving forward with a determined and clear mind is key to achieving great things in your home. Don’t be a dinosaur, get with it grandad!

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