10 Mind-Blowing Things to do In Your Shed in 2014

10 Mind-Blowing Things to do In Your Shed in 2014

It’s been a long cold winter, but if you are like me, your shed has stayed nice and warm. Yes, men up and down the country spend their winters squirreled away in warm, insulated sheds finding interest in activities that baffle other members of the family. Sheds can be used for so much more than storage, though that is an important function not to be underestimated.


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Shedism, i firmly believe, has become part of the DNA structure within the human genome; it’s just evolution.

Here are my top ten things you could do in your shed.

1. Brewery. Brewing alcohol has been a lifelong hobby for people for hundreds of years. Turning your shed into a brewery will enable you to produce the finest ales. If you are confident and willing to take the risk, a still may be the project for you. Distilling your own alcohol is illegal in this country because it is dangerous, and there is heavy duty to be paid on the alcohol itself. So you didn’t hear that suggestion here.

2. Electricity. Use your shed as a power station. A wind turbine on the outside could be used to charge a bank of batteries that can be used to supply some of your power needs. It may cost a fair bit to set up, but it’s great fun.

3. Smoke. I know, it’s bad for your health, but if you are addicted and banned from doing it in the house, the shed is perfect.

4. Storage. As mentioned earlier, the main use for a shed is storage. Keep it well organised so you can make room for some stylish sunloungers to prepare for summer. It’s going to be a hot one.

5. Aviary. Sheds are a great place to keep birds. Not pigeons, the little brightly coloured chirpy ones.

6. Library. If you are an avid reader and have run out of room in the house, how about your own personal library? The shed can be made damp proof and kept warm so your books will be safe.

7. Workshop. If you are a keen woodworker, this is an obvious use for your shed. You can now work in comfort and warmth. Splash out on a good shed, it’s worth it.

8. Jacuzzi. Is your shed large enough to create your own spa? Impress your friends with your own indoor jacuzzi. The possibilities are endless.

9. Trains. Model railways have been a passion for many people for over one hundred years. If you are looking for a place to create your own railway and landscape, your shed could be the answer.

10. Hobby Display. Are you a collector? It is not uncommon for people to fill at least one room in their homes with a pointless collection. This may take many forms from bottle tops to carburettors. Maybe I shouldn’t say pointless, since the collection obviously means a great deal to the collector themselves. Collecting is a great human quirk that, as far as I am aware, is unique to us. Anyway, a shed is a fantastic place to display your items.

As you can see, the shed is a very versatile building. Uses change over time, but one thing comes to all sheds. At some point, they all end up full of junk. Shed lovers can’t win.

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