7 Exciting Things Men Can Do In Their Sheds

7 Exciting Things Men Can Do In Their Sheds

When the shed gene activates in men, it makes them behave in strange ways. Did you ever make a den when you were a child using a blanket placed over the kitchen table? We have all done that, but most people grow out of it. Men get the same enjoyment from their sheds as they did when they were hiding under the table as a child. They own it; they are the boss, the head honcho, the big cheese, numero uno; you get the picture.

By now you must be salivating at the thought of getting your own shed, but wait; there is more to come. What harmless hobbies can you take up in our new wooden palace? The possibilities are endless for an enquiring mind. Of course, why limit yourself to one hobby, have lots of things on the go at once so you never get bored.

Here are seven tried and trusted hobbies to take up in your shed.

Find privacy

Privacy has to come top of the list. We need solitude sometimes.

Home Brew

Whether you make it from a kit or raw materials, home brewed wine or beer tastes good. There is something manly about making alcohol, and many people go on to refine it and increase its strength by distilling it. Now, owning a still in this country is illegal for tax reasons, so I cannot recommend that you assemble one. It is a fascinating procedure though, and there are plenty of plans online.


Do you long to construct things but have never had a suitable workshop? The shed is your savior. It also gives you an excuse to buy the latest laser guided tools so you can make everything with perfect precision, or you can just look at them.

Store Rubbish

You will be under constant attack from the rest of the household to store their trash. It slowly builds up in there until you are forced out. Contact Austin junk removal to cart it all away so that you can reclaim your space. Rubbish storage is a bad use for your shed.

Model Building

When assembling model aircraft, for example, it is not always convenient to pack it all away at the end of the day so your family can eat at the table. In your shed, everything remains just as you leave it, so the project can carry on when you are ready.

Generating Electricity

Use you shed as an experimental power plant that can generate enough electricity to charge a bank of batteries. Mount solar panels or a wind turbine on it to get those amperes flowing. The generated power could be used to power garden lights or water pump in a pond, which would help to lower the energy consumption of your home.

Restore A Motorbike

An average sized shed is the perfect place to strip down and restore a motorbike. Many of us would love to get our hands on the machine we owned in our teens and twenties, and restore it to its former glory. For that you need to source many parts, such as motorcycle batteries, tyres and other old parts. I wonder what happened to my old friend?

Give a man a model, and he has a hobby until it is complete. Give him a shed, and he will have a hobby for life. That has been the way of things for generations, and it will remain so. Don’t believe me? Just wait until you hit thirty.


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