How To Improve The Energy Performance Score Of Your Home Before You Sell

How To Improve The Energy Performance Score Of Your Home Before You Sell

All homes in the UK must hold an energy performance certificate before the owners can sell them. You might be about to put your house on the market and worry about the effect a low score will have on the value of the property and the time it will take to sell. The bad news is that it can affect both of those things. The good news is that it is possible to improve the score for relatively little expense.

You can often make the most difference by adding extra insulation to your property. Here are a couple of areas on which you should concentrate your efforts.

Insulate The Attic

Hot air rises and when it meets a cold ceiling, the heat transfers to the air in the loft. That is unless you put a thick layer of thermal insulation to block its path. If you have never looked in your attic, now is the time to do so. You must determine how much insulation is up there. Most homes have some, but there are still properties where the owners are oblivious to the benefits of loft insulation.

If there is little or no insulation present, you must add  new layers. It is an easy job, but you will get hot and dirty in the process. The insulation comes on rolls, so you don’t need to buy it all at once. Calculate the area of your loft by measuring the length and width of your house in metres. Multiply those measurements to come up with the area. Now, if you divide that measurement by the coverage of a roll, it will tell you how many you need.

Put the first layer down between the ceiling joists and subsequent layers at ninety degrees to the one below. You will be pleasantly surprised at the immediate effect it has on the warmth of your home.

Insulate The Walls

The estate agents in Sutton in Ashfield use the insulation properties of a home as a selling point, so deal with the cavity walls. Pay a company to drill from the outside and blow in a product. It is as if you put a warm jacket on your home, and is the second most-important step to take.

Boiler Efficiency

The central heating boiler might be ancient and inefficient. Replace it with a new efficiency rated unit to improve your EPC score. If your home uses storage heaters think about removing them and fit gas central heating instead.


Are the windows single-glazed? If you have the money, replace them with modern uPVC double glazed units. The new frames will be draught-free, and there will be less condensation on the inside of the windows in the winter. The house will also become quieter thanks to the extra pane of glass.

The heating and windows will be expensive, but your house will be worth more, and it will sell faster. Those reasons are compelling; I’m sure you agree. So weigh the cost against the benefits and make up your mind. Every situation is different.


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