5 Amazing Reasons That The Isle Of Wight Is An Eco-Friendly Place To Live

5 Amazing Reasons That The Isle Of Wight Is An Eco-Friendly Place To Live

If you are considering making a move to a more eco-friendly environment then why not move to the Isle of Wight? You may have overlooked the region because many people do. It is one of the greenest places to live in the UK. You will find beautiful scenes and beaches in the region. You will also find gorgeous countryside and quaint little towns. There are so many reasons to move to the stunning isle, not least because doing so could have a major impact on your carbon footprint. Here are five amazing reasons that the Isle of Wight is an eco-friendly place to live.

1. There Is Less Traffic On The Isle Of Wight

There is less traffic in the Isle of Wight than in other parts of the UK. The reason for this is because there are fewer people in the region. When you move to the Isle of Wight, you will not need to travel much. The towns in the region are inclusive and have everything that you need. From small shops to tea rooms and beaches, there is everything you need right on your doorstep. Ask an estate agents in Ventnor to show you where the local amenities are before you buy.

2. The Region Specialises In Eco-Friendly Holidays

The region specialises in eco-friendly holiday accommodation. If you move to the Isle of Wight and want to have friends come to stay, there are many options for them. From “Tom’s Eco Lodge” to other fine hotels in the region, there are many places that promote eco-living whilst on holiday. The region has for a long time had the title of the most eco-friendly holiday destination in the UK, so why not take things one step further? Moving to the Isle of Wight means that you will live in a place where people look after their natural environment.

3. Activities In The Region Are ‘Green’

Activities in the region are ‘green’ in that most of them are outside and active. You can get fit when you live on the Isle of Wight because many of the hobbies available to you there mean you have to exercise. There are fewer people staying in and watching TV in the isle and more people getting out there and hiking or paragliding. If you have a family, the Isle of Wight is the ideal place for family adventure. Boasting a range of outdoor activities, the Isle of Wight is a place where people save energy and get active.

4. The “Eco-Friendly Roadshow”

Each year the region is home to a special event. The “Eco-Friendly Roadshow” is an event that promotes green living to the people of the Isle of Wight. The show sees lots of stalls and talks on ecological issues and is a chance to learn more about how to save the planet. The fact that the Isle of Wight is home to such an event reinforces the fundamental nature of the people who live on the isle. There is an atmosphere of green living and saving the planet, which you would not find in the rest of the UK.

5. Lots Of Wind Turbines

Due to the sheer amount of space in the Isle of Wight, the region is home to many wind turbines. The countryside in the region has many wind turbines, which create sustainable energy for the area. If you take a walk through the country, you will notice many windmills, which are hard at work creating energy. The isle is ideal for these wind turbines, as it gets a lot of wind and harsh weather. Living on the Isle of Wight means that you are never far from the turbine.


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