Where Should You Live? A Guide To The Most Eco-Friendly Cities In The World

Where Should You Live? A Guide To The Most Eco-Friendly Cities In The World

If you are thinking about emigrating and moving to a new place then, there are many things to consider. Whilst making your plans, you might want to think about how your move will impact your lifestyle. If you are an eco-conscious person, then you should consider moving to a city, which is eco-friendly. By choosing a place that is green rather than full of pollution you are doing your bit for the local environment.

When you think of a city what do you think? The chances are that you imagine smoke, pollution and traffic. These issues are true of most cities, yet some are doing their utmost to combat such problems. There are a few cities scattered across the globe that are rather green when it comes to combating pollution. Here are some of the fantastic cities you may consider moving to and why they are ‘green.’

Chicago, USA

The good people of Chicago have recently been working on solar panels and eco-friendly energy sources. Green energy is the name of the game in this town, so everybody who lives in the city is trying their hardest to chip in and help the cause. If you want to live in a city that is at the forefront of new design and eco-centric companies then, Chicago is the city for you. Make sure that you choose a property on the outskirts of the city, which has cleaner air than in the center.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the most-progressive cities in the world and as such has a fantastic recycling system. Aside from that, the city has a range of ‘green’ hotels where tourists can stay. It is clear that the Scottish people are taking initiative when it comes to tackling the global issue. Due to the eco-friendly nature of the city itself, the real estate in the area has seen a huge boom. Contact a surveyor in Edinburgh, who will be able to tell you where the most eco-friendly properties are before you make a move.

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is often called the green city of Australia. The city has an astounding 29 natural parks, where you can find unpolluted areas. Many of the people who live in this city cycle around on bikes, rather than taking public transport. The air in Adelaide is cleaner than in the rest of Australia (other than in the outback) and so if you live in this city you can breathe easy. There are many initiatives in the city that promote green-living.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is at the forefront of solar panelling. The government started an initiative a few years ago to create more energy through solar panels, than any other city in Europe. Now there are 113,000 sq ft of solar panels scattered around the city. Of course, the panels get a lot of direct sunlight in the Catalan capital, as the climate there is always warm. The solar-panelled city is making some real advancements by way of eco-friendly energy.

Stockholm, Germany

If there is one thing that the German’s do well it has to be recycling. In Germany almost 90% of the population recycle on a regular basis. That is more than most of the countries in the world. Of all the cities in Germany, Stockholm is the best at recycling. The people of Stockholm are conscientious and take pride in helping to save the planet. If you are considering moving to Stockholm, you ought to be ready to revamp the way you recycle. Nothing in Germany ever goes to waste.


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