How to Identify Whether Your Parents Need Assisted Living

How to Identify Whether Your Parents Need Assisted Living

The decision to move your parents to a nursing home in Crawley, West Sussex, can be a difficult one. It might be that your parents are happy living with you but are in constant need of assistance in their daily tasks. Since we lead such busy and hectic lives, it becomes practically impossible to monitor parents constantly, unless you quit your job. This is when a Haywards Heath nursing home in Crawley in West Sussex, could prove to be beneficial. Your parents will be under the care of professionals, which will ensure that they are assisted in their everyday activities. However, it may be possible that your aging parents would not want to stay away from you in an unknown place. Making such a decision could be hard and nerve racking one, requiring careful assessment.

Assess the Situation and Make a Decision

This is the time to weigh emotions against the real needs of your aging parents. Yes, we would all love to be ideal children, taking care of all the needs of our parents. However, with age, there are various ailments and conditions that need more than love to help seniors cope – they need professional treatment. For instance, if you find that your elderly parents are unable to manage their daily tasks and are in need of constant assistance, it is time to make a decision. Not only will you gain some peace of mind, your parents too will be better assisted at a nursing home in Burgess Hill. It is best to opt for a Burgess Hill nursing home that has a good track record, such as Ashton House Residential and Nursing Home. Such a facility will provides complete residential care to the aged, while taking care of all their medical needs. Talk with your parents about the situation and make them understand the importance of such a decision. At the same time, make sure to visit them regularly at the nursing home and stay in touch on the phone. Here are some essential things you need to observe in order to decide whether it is time to look for an assisted living facility in Crawley.

Personal Care and Home Safety

If your aging parent is unable to perform everyday chores, such as bathing, doing the dishes or wearing clean clothes, it may be time to look for an assisted living facility. Lack of personal hygiene and body odour is among the early signs of physical impairment, depression and even Dementia. If you do not want to apply to nursing home in Burgess Hill on the first sign of trouble, make sure you monitor your parents for safety and health on a regular basis.

Memory Loss and Weight Gain

Unexpected weight loss and loss of appetite are among the early signs that something is not right. Further, if they experience a loss of taste and smell, it could be an indicator of several problems, including cancer and malnutrition. Also, modest memory loss is a part of aging that can also be brought on by certain medication. However, if they are unable to remember essential details, such as important appointments, the date or a family member’s name, then there is reason to worry. Consult their doctor at the earliest, since these could be signs of Alzheimer’s. Forgetfulness is a warning sign that should not be left unnoticed.

General Mood

Are your parents generally in good spirits or do they turn cranky and irritable easily? If your parents stop doing their favourite activities and you notice abnormal changes in their social habits, you may want to consult a care home in Haywards Heath. This could be among the initial signs of depression and increased anxiety.

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