Improve Your Existing Kitchen Suite On A Budget

Improve Your Existing Kitchen Suite On A Budget

We all want our homes to look good, but finding the cash to do so can be difficult. But, instead of replacing your whole kitchen, there are a few cost-saving tips to help you do so on a tight budget.

If there is nothing wrong with your existing suite, you could just improve the other factors that enhance the rooms’ appearance, like the colour of the walls or the type of flooring. The colour of your walls ultimately depends on the colour of your kitchen cupboards and worktops, but even re-painting can change the entire feel of a room.

If you have dark-wood worktops, why not consider painting the walls a neutral colour to bring out the dark colour of these. Or, if you have cream or light coloured kitchen cabinets and drawers, why not consider an unusual colour for the walls like Duck Egg or Slate Grey.

The flooring is an essential place to any room and in the kitchen, this is no different. It is also worth considering the ‘type’ of flooring too, as it needs to be practical as well as looking great. Carpet is not ideal as spillages need to be removed a lot in the kitchen, and the same can apply to laminate flooring too. Spillages can soak through wood which can cause the flooring to lift, costing a lot of money over its lifespan.

On this basis, the best types of flooring for your kitchen is either kitchen floor tiles or lino. Ceramic floor tiles are one of the best solutions in terms of practicality and appearance, making them perfect for the kitchen. Some ceramic floor tiles are also treated to prevent slipping too, which can reduce the amount of accidents in the home too.

Installing flooring into your kitchen and giving the walls a nick of paint will completely transform your kitchen, and the price of a few tins of paint compared to replacing your whole kitchen is a much easier on your pockets and your bank balance.

Improving your home on a budget doesn’t mean you need to lose out on quality, and you can enjoy a brand new-look kitchen at a fraction of the cost of buying everything brand new.


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