Fascinating Ways To Move Towards An Off-Grid Lifestyle

Fascinating Ways To Move Towards An Off-Grid Lifestyle

There was a series on television back in the nineteen-seventies about a couple who decided to live the dream and become self-sufficient. It is a position to which many people aspire even today. There are people all around the world who believe society cannot continue to consume natural resources at this pace and society is about to collapse. They call themselves ‘preppers.’ Most of us are fed up with the high cost of the energy we consume in our homes and will go to great lengths to use less and lower our bills.

Not everybody will be able to make the move to off-grid life, but we can all take a few steps towards it. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to own a secluded farm to become more self-sufficient; even city dwellers can make a difference.


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Our heating system consumes the most fuel in our homes, especially in cold climates. There are various things we can do to use less, and they involve making changes to the building. Here are some adaptations you can make to your house so that you can heat it without breaking the bank.

Store And Burn Fuel

Move away from using gas and electricity to heat your home. If you install a wood burning fire, you can save logs in the summer for use in the winter. Most people who have a finite fuel supply find ways to make it last. When we consume gas from the utility companies, we cannot visualise it; therefore it is easy to use more than we should. Look for New York City firewood delivery online; you don’t even have to cut down trees or fetch it yourself.

Put A Warm Coat On Your House

Insulation is the most important feature for slashing energy usage. It makes sense that if you can hold onto the heat that you generate, you won’t need to produce so much of it. Concentrate your efforts on the loft first. It is an area where most of the heat will escape if you let it. Even if there is a layer of insulation up there already, you can add another layer to make it more efficient. The best thing about insulation is that it save money on cooling your home too.

Use The Sun

The sun is a fantastic resource. You can use it to make electricity, cook, and heat water. More people than ever are fitting solar panels on the roofs of their houses. It is expensive to begin with, but you will enjoy a significant reduction in your electricity bills immediately. If you install enough of them, you may not need to import any electricity from the grid at all. It is possible to profit from the sale of any excess power you produce too. They pay for themselves over ten to fifteen years.

Solar heaters provide you with enough hot water for all of your domestic needs. The sun will work for you even in the winter when the weather is freezing. You can make a simple unit out of a black radiator and some copper pipes, but they are not as efficient as the real thing.

Moving towards an off-grid lifestyle is a fascinating project. You can keep making adaptations in the future and enjoy reduced utility bills. Do you think you could capture, store, and filter rainwater? Look out for more of my articles; I have a lot of wisdom to share.

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