How To Modernise Your Kitchen In An Eco-Friendly Way

How To Modernise Your Kitchen In An Eco-Friendly Way

The kitchen is the most functional and social room in our home. Therefore, it’s important that it’s in good nick. Each year many homeowners across the country rip out their old fashioned and tired kitchens and replace them with brand new, shiny versions.

It makes sense when doing this kind of home improvement to ensure that the replacement kitchen is not only practical and efficient, but also eco-friendly. But doing renovations in an eco-friendly way is not all about being kind to the environment. In many situations, by choosing the green option, you’ll also save yourself some serious cash.

If you are modernising your kitchen in the near future, here are some eco-friendly tips to bear in mind.

  • No electronic appliance can be 100 percent green. However, there are some great products on the market these days that come much closer than others. Additionally most appliances will come with an energy rating label which will allow you to choose the most efficient. And even though you are modernising, you may be happy not to get every appliance brand new. You can find some great “almost new” appliances on websites like Gumtree and Preloved if you are prepared to hunt for them.
  • Ask suppliers for rejects. Kitchen suppliers will often have new tiles, cabinet fronts, handles, etc. that they are struggling to shift. This is because they are faulty in some way (e.g. scratched in transit or manufacturing fault). If you are prepared to overlook the imperfections, or fix them, you may be able to buy them for a reduced price and save them being thrown out.
  • Ceiling spotlights are a very clean and modern look for kitchens. If you choosing this form of overhead lighting, it’s helpful to know that LED spotlight bulbs are among the most energy efficient. Although LEDs are more expensive than standard bulbs, just remember that they last longer and consume less energy. Therefore, they will save you money in the long-term.
  • If you are updating your windows when remodelling your kitchen, a green choice would be to make them as big as possible. With bigger windows, you’ll let more natural light into the kitchen, therefore, delaying the need to turn on your indoor lights. Maximum sunlight in the room will also help to keep it warmer for longer.
  • Think about recycling in your new kitchen. Recycling containers that are kept in pull out drawers or otherwise concealed will keep things neat, tidy and odour-free. Containers with wheels will make recycling more convenient for you in your modern kitchen as you won’t have to cart heavy boxes from one place to the other.


Image from Charlotte Holmes

If I am honest, there are so many other ways to be eco-friendly when remodelling your kitchen. If this information has wet your appetite for more green home improvements, keep researching. You’ll discover so many more ways that you can ensure you are being kind to the environment, as well as cutting costs.

How have you modernised your kitchen in an eco-friendly way?