Green office buildings around the world

Green office buildings around the world

There are more people than ever concerned about conservation of the environment, in every aspect of their lives. This means that there has been a movement towards innovation of more advanced and efficient building materials. It makes sense to be green because not only is it great for the environment, it can also save a lot of money over the years due to a reduction in heating and cooling costs. The future of office buildings around the world will be green and energy-efficient.

Better Windows

Letting in natural light is important in a comfortable office building, however windows are one of the biggest causes of energy loss. Double or triple-paned argon-filled windows can significantly decrease the amount of energy required to heat or cool a building. Shutters that can be opened and closed easily can also help with energy loss and make it easier to make good use of natural light in the office.

Water Usage

Not all countries are water-secure. Water costs can be a financial burden in some cases. More office buildings now have water-saving bathroom and kitchen fixtures. In fact, some buildings have innovative systems built in to use water collected on rooftops for flushing toilets

Green Spaces

Plants and flowers can help create a more pleasing atmosphere. The use of green spaces for office workers to relax or even meet with clients is on the rise. Hanging gardens are becoming more common as people choose to have a brighter and more colourful office environment that speaks of nature instead of cold steel.

Modern Office Spaces, Glasgow

Too many office spaces expect their tenants to do their own renovations and upgrades. This makes it hard for an entrepreneur or small business to get the quality space they need to thrive. Modern Office Spaces, owned by the M1 Group, is located in the heart of Glasgow and offers modern, sleek, office spaces that are suitable for one to four workers. One of the great aspects is that absolutely everything is included in the rent. Spaces are comfortable, and make good use of natural light and light-coloured walls so lighting and energy use is reduced; floors are made with sustainable wood. M1 Group is invested in the global real estate market and with Azmi Mikati on the M1 Group Wiki as CEO, M1 Group intends to continue its impact on the real estate industry.

Forty-Four, Lebanon

One of M1 Group’s exciting new projects is the mixed-use Forty-Four building. This high rise is designed to be green, beautiful, and stylish. While some of the building will feature sleek office spaces, other parts will offer high-quality living spaces for the residents of Beirut. The building has ample green spaces and parks for residents to enjoy, as well as tranquil water features. Hanging gardens will help make the building truly stand out from office buildings that are grey and dull. The building makes good use of windows so spaces do not feel so enclosed or short on space.