Quick and Green Changes You Can Make to Your Home Right Now

Quick and Green Changes You Can Make to Your Home Right Now

Making the home greener is kinder to the environment and gives the homeowner peace of mind. Can you honestly say you’re doing your bit to help the environment? Recycling is all well and good, but it isn’t enough! The following changes are quick and easy to make so you can make your home greener in an instant!

Switch Your Light Bulbs

Change your lightbulbs to more energy efficient light bulbs and you’ll save a lot of power when lighting your home. You don’t need to worry about the lights not being bright enough either, as they look pretty much the same as regular light bulbs these days. They might be slightly more expensive, but they even last longer than regular light bulbs!

Turn Everything off at Night Time

Instead of leaving everything on standby, turn it off at night when you go to bed. Better yet, turn things off as soon as you finish using them. Turn off things at the wall rather than just at the device. Kettles, TVs, computers, and everything else should all be turned off.

Don’t Leave the Taps Running

Leaving the taps running is a great way to waste water and money. Why use more water than you need? I know way too many people that do this! Washing a salad? Just use enough water; no need to leave the veg there for more than 30 seconds at all! Filling the kettle? Fill it with just enough water for the amount of drinks you’re making. Turn the taps off as you brush your teeth. It all makes a difference!

Hang the Clothes Out to Dry

When it’s raining outside, you have no choice but to put your washing on the radiators. However, if you have a choice, hang the clothes outside to dry. Clothes will last much longer as they hold their shape and colour better.


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Use Heating Oil

Heating oil is a good alternative to gas and electric. Home heating oil is the most efficient way to warm up your house for the cooler months.

Take Showers

Rather than taking baths, take showers. If you love baths and can’t give them up completely, just have them as a treat. They take up twice as much water as showers, so it’ll really help to save money and water. Ideally, keep your showers short and don’t have them too hot.

Turn off the Lights

If you’re not in a room, there’s no need to light it. Turn off the lights where possible!

Set Your Heating to Automatic

If you set your heating to automatic, your home will be just the right temperature whenever you need it. You can heat the rooms you spend the most time in and leave the ones you don’t. You can even choose the perfect temperature, so your house could be lovely when you get in from work. Some say this is better than turning it on and off whenever you feel like it, or heating the whole house at once!

Make these changes and become greener right away!