5 Green Home Renovation Ideas

5 Green Home Renovation Ideas

Making your inefficient home more efficient is often the reason that people start to make their own green renovations in their homes.  Aside from having a home that is cheaper to live in, living in a green home is healthier for your entire family, and is so much better for the environment.  This is why so many people are choosing to renovate their homes to be green.

Green remodeling can take place anywhere and is something that you can do regardless of where you live.  So when you want to have the green home of your dreams you can do it without moving.  All you have to do is use these great green renovation ideas and you are on your way to having a green home.

Be Smart with How You Use Space

Using space is one thing that can be tricky.  If you are smart with how you use space you can make your home feel bigger than what it is and create the exact open feel that you are looking for.  You can also double up with how some space is used.  A build-in bench can have storage for art and craft supplies, be a place to do homework, where you eat your meals, and even prodvide extra seating during family movie night if the space is used wisely.

Get Rid of Toxic Materials

Getting rid of all of the toxic materials in your home is one of the most important steps in a green remodel.  This often means that you will have to remove old siding and insulation, take off old point, and make sure to remove toxic flooring.  Sometimes toxic materials can lie within old lighting and cabinets as well so be sure to check out the ones in your house.

Keep Some Old But Mix In New

Sometimes you can take things that are currently in your house and revamp them to make them like new.  Often times things like sinks, faucets, or even countertops can be reused in your new space.  Reusing things makes the remodel more green since you will not be putting as much stuff into the landfills.  This is very important when renovating because far too many times everyone just gets rid of the old.  If you are taking old things out of your home make sure that you are disposing of them properly or you could even try selling the things that could be used.

Find the Right Resources

It can be challenging to find all of the information that you need about green renovation.  When you are looking and need to know more information there are a lot of resources out there for you to consider.  You will be able to find information about the things that you need from these resources as well as learning about the different companies and initiatives that are supporting green movements.

Look at the Windows

Changing up your windows can really make your home more efficient, which is more green.  However, if you can not afford to replace all of your windows there are a number of different window treatments that can help make your home more efficient as well.  Learning about the window treatment options that are available to you and their benefits can really help you to have a more green home.

There are some things that you have to do when you are preparing for renovations.  One of these is to prepare your attic before renovation.  Another is to make sure that your bathrooms and basement are ready to be renovated.  Doing the necessary research and preparing your home will help you to have an easy green renovation.