Eco Friendly Home Design Tips For People Who Care About Conserving Energy

Eco Friendly Home Design Tips For People Who Care About Conserving Energy

As we’ve nearly hit February now, lots of people will start planning their new home design for the coming year, and as there’s so much emphasis on going green these days, I thought maybe it was time I released a post containing some tips you might like to consider. You see; although we’d all like to be as energy efficient as possible inside our properties, something achieving this can be very costly, and so we all need to need to find a balance between limiting our impact on the planet, and making the bank manager angry. Anyway, there’s nothing stopping anyone from spreading a re-design task over a few months to ensure it can be paid for without creating any issues.

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So, give me a few moments of your time, and I’ll do my best to fill you in on some ideas you might have overlooked. Of course, those of you who consider yourselves to be Eco-pros will probably be a couple of steps ahead already, and so today I’m trying to appeal to people who’re just getting started. Still, my tips might refresh your memory, and that can only be a good thing, right?

Install A Natural Gas Fireplace

As burning lots of wood adds to deforestation problems, ensuring you purchase a natural gas fireplace and have it installed by professionals should be a top priority. The great thing about these products is they look amazing and often produce better effects than a traditional coal fire or wood burner anyway. Just make sure you shop around because prices can vary considerably from store to store. Also, don’t buy the cheapest product available because it’s almost certainly inferior. As when purchasing anything, it’s always wise to go with a mid-range price.

Lay Grass Flooring

Though most people don’t realise this, bamboo flooring is one of the most eco friendly solutions on the market today. It’s just as solid as oak, but it’s actually a grass. Other benefits include sustainability and renewability, so what are you waiting for?

Use Natural Wall Paints

Instead of simply heading out and buying the cheapest paint possible in the colours you want, take some time to browse online and even at your local store for natural paint that doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds. The type you want is made from plant oil, minerals and extracts. Also, using glass shelves instead of wooden ones will make a big difference to the environment. Tempered glass prices are pretty low, and as this type is much stronger and more durable than the traditional option, you should probably give it some consideration.

Buy Recycled Furniture

Nowadays you’ll find lots of websites online who specialise in selling recycled furniture, so make sure you give them a look before heading out to a major chain store. The recycled option is usually a little cheaper, and although your choice will be limited, there’s enough products out there to find something suitable, even if you have to compromise a little.

Well guys, those were my top eco friendly design tips. I hope you’ve found the ideas interesting and will now give them some thought before deciding on your redesign project this year. At the end of the day, if we don’t do our part to look after the environment, our grandkids will not be pleased.

Catch you back here soon!

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