Creative Ideas for an Eco Friendly Bedroom

Creative Ideas for an Eco Friendly Bedroom

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When it comes to creating an eco-friendly home, room by room, it seems as though the bedroom is always forgotten about. However, if you want a truly eco-friendly house then you need to make sure all of the rooms are as green as can be. Although the bedroom may not be the most obvious place to start, it is the room that is most easily achievable. We’ve put together some of our favourite, and most creative, environmentally friendly bedroom ideas.

Change the lights

Unless your home was made to be energy efficient, then this is the first thing on your bedroom to-do list. You have two options, depending on your time, budget and the lighting you already have. If you want a quick fix for the lights in your living room then suggest in some energy saving bulbs; they’re not expensive and can quickly be changed. If you have (or want) spotlights, however, then you need to be asking your electrician for LED lights. Not only are they more cost effective and better for the environment than halogen spotlights, they last an average of 50 years!

Eco Paint

If you want to spruce up the bedroom, without releasing harmful fumes into the hair, then you need to get some eco paint. There are plenty of companies that now do environmentally friendly paints; they’re definitely not as difficult to get hold of as they used to be. Natural paints, as they are also called, have certainly improved over the years and are now being used by interior designers worldwide. You can get a whole range of colours and finishes, depending on the look you want in your bedroom. Why not go for pastel or mint green, to show off how eco-friendly your bedroom truly is.

Up-cycled furniture

Other than a new super king bed and mattress for the bedroom everything else can be second hand, recycled or upcycled furniture. If you want to do your bit for the environment whilst creating a beautiful bedroom, then have a look around for some key pieces. You may want to try antique shops if you’re feeling flash, although many charity shops and warehouses will do just as good. The YMCA has their own huge furniture warehouses around the country, many of which have an upcycled section where volunteers have created something beautiful. By buying pieces like these,  you will be doing good for the environment and your community.

Finishing touches

Once the furniture is in place, it is time for the finishing touches. Your bedroom should be a safe haven of peace and tranquility, away from the hustles and bustles of busy life. Invest in some good quality, thick curtains to keep the heat in and use candles instead of bedside lamps for light and warmth. Treat yourself to some beautiful homemade cushions and bed covers, for a pretty bedroom that is good for the environment.

We hope these creative ideas go to show that an eco-friendly bedroom doesn’t have to be boring! With the right pieces of furniture, a bit of artistic flair, and a passion for all things green, your bedroom will put interior designers to shame.

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