Top Garden Design Tips For Eco Warriors

Top Garden Design Tips For Eco Warriors

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Although most people will be concentrating on redesign projects within their home at the moment, I thought it might be wise for me to write a short article giving you some handy tips in anticipation of the garden makeovers we’ll all undertake when the watcher picks up. You see; planning ahead is important, especially if you want to create something truly inspirational and exquisite this year. So, give me your full attention for the next five minutes, and I’ll do my best to highlight some design and product ideas you may wish to consider.

It’s probably a good idea to start taking notes now and then give some thought to your new design before heading out to the stores and purchasing materials. You see; it’s possible to save considerable amounts if you’re willing to perform some price comparisons and shop around, which is precisely what any eco warrior should be all about. There’s no point spending more than you have to, that would be wasteful, something I know you all like to avoid.

Consider Seating Solutions

If you really must purchase chairs for your garden, then it would be sensible to opt for bamboo, as this is technically a grass, and so it’s sustainable and degradable. Alternatively, why not try building permanent seating using reclaimed bricks or railway sleepers. That way; it shouldn’t cost you anything, and you’d be reusing items that would have otherwise been thrown away. Perfect right?

Green Roofs / Walls

You’ve probably all come across articles online talking about how you can grow plants and veg on your shed roof, but do you realise this same technique can be used on the exterior walls of your home? A living wall system can be built up and around any structure, and so if you really want to impress your friends and become the envy of your environmentally conscious neighbours, then this could be the perfect solution.

Water Features & Rock Gardens

These days it’s possible to buy solar powered water pumps, which is great news for anyone who enjoys having water features in their garden. You’ll be able to make the water feature out of things you have lying around like stones, bowls and bits of wood, so again, this shouldn’t cost very much to achieve. The benefits of solar powered water features are endless, but most people love them because they don’t use any electricity whatsoever.

Lighting Solutions

Again, it seems the advancements brought about by solar power are truly spreading everywhere. Now it’s possible to buy stick-in-the-ground solar powered lights for your garden for only a few pounds. Recently, I saw some in my local supermarket for 50 pence each, now, how could anyone turn that down. You might think the light quality would be poor, but insanely, the ones I purchased were even brighter than the old electric ones they replaced.

Well, I’ve got to head off now and help a friend out with a green roof he’s constructing. He could manage it on his own, but he’s afraid of heights so I said I’d give him a hand. I hope you found this article interesting, and you’ve gained some good ideas for when the weather picks up.

See you back here soon readers!

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