Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves Quickly

Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves Quickly

There are things that we can do to our homes that improve the efficiency of the building and our comfort within it. After all, what good is a building that looks fantastic, but is uncomfortable and costs too much to keep warm? It needn’t cost a fortune to improve the thermal efficiency of the building; you just need to target the right areas with your budget. If the house  can hold on to heat, the thermostat will not operate as often as it would in a badly insulated home. Therefore, the heating system will use less fuel.

Here are a few home improvements that pay for themselves quickly by reducing energy consumption.

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation should be your number one priority. Hot air rises and you must prevent it  transferring heat through the ceiling and into the loft. There is no limit to the amount of insulation you can put up there. Add more whenever you can afford it. The insulation will either come loose, on a roll, or as a foam. If you are using rolls, put them in between the joists. A passive home is one that uses no imported energy, and they will often have loft insulation that is several feet thick up there. You could do the same.


Your home needs a warm coat. If the walls are hollow, you are losing much heat through them. Oklahoma Wall Foam will inject a foam into the gap that instantly cuts heating and cooling costs by up to sixty percent. The other advantage of effective insulation is that it cuts external noise significantly.


Replace your existing window frames with modern alternatives. There are units available to suit every style of house, so you needn’t worry about spoiling the aesthetics of your home. There are companies out there who will make modern sash windows that look identical to your existing units, but come with effective seals and double glazing. Modern uPVC frames are suitable for most homes, and they are very good at preventing heat loss. The frames will last a lifetime and pay for themselves many times over.


If your front door is old and lets draughts in, think about changing it for a new uPVC unit. They come in many colours and have one hundred percent efficient seals. You will never need to paint it, and the colour will not fade. They are more secure than traditional doors too.

Central Heating

If your central heating boiler is ten years old, it is not as efficient as the modern ones. New units are made with efficiency in mind, so they use much less energy than old units. Swap your boiler for a new one and start saving cash.


Swap all of your light bulbs for modern LED lamps. They use much less electricity than ordinary bulbs and last more than fifteen times as long. The benefits are obvious.

If you utilise one or more of the above suggestions in your home, your bills will come down. That can only be a good thing for you and the environment so act now and improve your life. That’s all for today, I hope this article has opened your eyes to the possibilities.





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