Make it Last! Conserving Heat Through Clever Furnishing and Determination

Make it Last! Conserving Heat Through Clever Furnishing and Determination

While we all strive for the latest technology to help us lower our carbon footprint, it is a fact that many just cannot afford it. Triple glazing, solar panels, solar heated water and wind turbines, are a pipe dream.

We probably have our loft insulated but for many that is as far as it goes. Our single glazed windows are draughty and covered in condensation.  So what can we do to improve our comfort without breaking the bank?

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A trip to the local DIY store to buy some strips of draught proofing is the first step. While you are there, see if you can afford an internal cover for the letterbox too.

Follow this with a good quality internal curtain and keep the key in the lock if possible, as keyholes, magically, seem to act like wind tunnels.

Window Film

This is a great product. It comes in a pack that can do about three decent sized windows and can cost between five and ten pounds. Inside the pack, you will find the polythene film itself and some double sided sticky tape. First give your windows a good clean on the inside, including the frames. When you are sure they are dry, peel the protective paper off one side of the sticky tape and apply the tape to the window frame. When you have gone all of the way around the frame, peel off the top protective paper and apply a pre-cut piece of polythene to cover the window. Now comes the fun part. Take a hair dryer and blow warm air onto the polythene. Magic! The polythene shrinks tight across the window like a drum skin. Don’t over do it though. Then you can trim off the edges, and you will have greatly reduced your condensation problem. Do this with each pane of glass in your window or over the whole frame, in one, if you can. Your choice.

Add More Layers

Window blinds are next. Try to find some that can be installed within the window recess. Super Blinds Mart and many other reputable retailers can be found with a simple internet search. The range is enormous, and this is a chance to brighten up your room with some exciting colours.

Follow on by adding curtains to the outside of the window recess. A good, heavy, lined material will do the job.


If you are suffering with cold feet how about upgrading your carpet to a thick pile, eco friendly replacement with thick underlay. This may be expensive to begin with, but it may help keep that thermostat turned down. It is still cheaper than having building work done. If you cannot afford carpets, jump onto the internet auction sites and try to bag yourself some second hand rugs. If your feet are warm, it goes a good way towards keeping you warm all over.

Shut That Door!

Educate the family. Shutting doors quickly behind you makes a huge difference when trying to keep that heat in the room. Never have two doors open at the same time if you can help it. Try and use the airlock system.

There we go. We may not be rich but with a little determination we can fight our own little battle to save the environment, conserve fuel, be comfortable, and save money all in one go.

Now that can’t be bad.

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