Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum

Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum

Over the years, doing the household chores isn’t that hard anymore because of different discoveries and developments of helpful equipments. One common example of these equipments is the vacuum cleaner. Using the vacuum cleaner such as the Shark Sonic Duo Vacuum Cleaner is now one of the easiest ways of cleaning anybody’s home. Vacuum cleaner has primarily two types; bagged and bagless vacuum cleaner. Click here to read review on the vacuum cleaner.

A bagged vacuum cleaner is the one with a dust bag made of paper or synthetic material. The dirt collected by the vacuum cleaner goes directly to the bag which will be thrown away whenever full. On the other hand, a bagless vacuum uses a dust container or cup for the dirt collected. The container will be emptied when full. Both type of vacuum cleaner has its own strong points. Discussed below are the strong points of each type with regards to several factors or perspectives.

1. Thinking about Mother Earth

If one is using a bagged vacuum, he/she will be throwing away a bag that is full of dirt from time to time. It is obviously an added trash. On the other hand if one is using a bagless vacuum, there is no bag that is to be thrown away. He/she just have to empty the dust container of the vacuum by throwing only the collected dirt. This is surely a good contribution in reducing trash and saving Mother Earth.

2. Taking care of one’s health

There are people who are affected with some environmental allergies that cause asthma. Some of these allergies are caused by inhaling or exposure to dirt and dust. If a person is affected with these allergies then using a bagless vacuum may not be a very good idea. Emptying the dust container and cleaning it after collecting dirt and dust from house cleaning would not be a good thing for him or her. Thus, for person like this, a bagged vacuum can be more hygienic and more comfortable to use. Throwing away the bag full of dirt and dust that was collected by the vacuum makes one less exposed to dirt. Hence, bagged vacuum can be of good help than bagless vacuum.

3. Maintenance of the vacuum cleaner

Just like every other equipments maintenance on vacuum cleaners is importance for the good performance of the vacuum. In the case of a bagless vacuum cleaner, one should spend a longer time in cleaning the dirt container every once in a while. The performance of the vacuum might be affected if the container is left full during work. As for a bagged vacuum cleaner, one can save some time for he or she don’t have to clean the bag for it is to be thrown away when full.

4. Budget conscious.

One factor that everybody is concerned at choosing anything is budget. Although bagless vacuum cleaner is usually more expensive than bagged vacuum cleaner, it can be more advantageous in terms of budget. If one is using a bagless vacuum, then he doesn’t have to buy bags from time to time. This obviously saves money!

Both vacuum cleaners are good. It is just up to you to know the priorities in choosing a vacuum in terms of different factors and perspectives.


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