Does Your Garden Slope? Here are Some Unbelievable Solutions You Need To Know

Does Your Garden Slope? Here are Some Unbelievable Solutions You Need To Know

Gardens can often be the make or break feature that will decide whether you buy a house or not. If the back garden has a steep slope people are often put off as mowing the lawn often seems like a very difficult chore. Sometimes, however, a steeply sloping garden can mean that a house has a lower value because it is not as attractive to buyers as other homes. This means that, if you are willing to invest some time and money on the garden, you could buy a great property at a bargain price.

Here are some fantastic ways that you can deal with a garden that slopes, without breaking the bank or needing heavy earthmoving equipment.


Building terraces into your garden will provide you with several levels that can be treated as individual gardens. You will be able to mow lawns on flat ground and put garden furniture in place, so you can sit and relax in the sun.

Building the terraces is quite simple, but hard work. Retaining walls of some description will have to be built, that will then hold back the earth that is placed behind them which creates the individual terraces. There are a few easy ways to create the supporting walls:

  • Brick. After pouring a suitable concrete foundation, lay a double thickness brick wall. Remember to leave a few courses between bricks on the bottom row open for drainage.

  • Block. Using blocks will make the task faster. The walls can then be rendered to give an attractive finish. Remember to allow for drainage.

  • Sleepers. Railway sleepers are the greatest under-used resource available for gardens today. Creating retaining walls out of them is simplicity itself. Make sure joints are overlapped and screw them together with large coach bolts. They will last for decades and look great in your garden.


Modern decking is extremely versatile when it comes to uneven surfaces. It is easy to create any timber deck design on a slope because the platform is supported by timber posts. Once the design is determined, the support posts can be positioned and set into the ground with concrete. The decking construction can begin; first by building the supporting framework. When the framework is complete, the support posts are cut level at the top, and the decking boards can go down. When the decking is boarded, fit safety rails and you will have a stunning feature that the garden levels had no effect on. There will be valuable storage space under the deck too.

Water Feature

A garden that drops away is crying out to have a dramatic water feature installed. By using powerful pumps, it is possible to create a waterfall followed by powerful rapids that race down to a pond at the bottom of the garden; only to begin the circuit again.

But A Goat

If you can’t afford the above solutions, or maybe you just don’t want to go to such lengths, a goat will keep your lawn trimmed neatly. The little creatures never stop eating and they are a solution used by many landowners, so the idea is not as outlandish as you may have first thought.

By solving the problem of the sloping garden, you may well have added value to your home and have certainly increased its saleability. Having an odd garden shouldn’t necessarily deter you from buying that property in the first place.


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