Tricks For Completing a One Day Living Room Makeover

Tricks For Completing a One Day Living Room Makeover

Do you get tired of the endless decorating that we need to carry out in order to keep your home looking attractive? I certainly do, so last year I decided to do something about it.

Every year one floor of the house is messed up for a couple of weeks while only one room is being decorated. That two weeks, or even more, seems to drag on for even longer.

Would you be open to the idea of decorating your room in only one day? It can be done, and to a fairly high standard too. You will need a few capable helpers (you know the friends that it is best not to ask) and an early morning start.

The secret to a one day makeover is planning. Here’s how to go about it.

1- The last time you decorated, I hope you had the foresight to paint the walls instead of wallpapering. Your preparations will involve buying enough paint to re-coat the walls and a roller, paint tray, and brush for each painter. Once the room is empty of carpets and furniture, they all need to be painting at once. Ceiling first, followed by walls, and lastly woodwork. Make sure that you buy fast drying paint for the woodwork, it is in the shops. Waiting for the gloss to dry brings the project to a standstill.

2- New carpet will need to be cut. This can be done the day before by taking your old carpet to the showroom and asking the staff there to use it as a template for your new one.

3- Buy new covers for your slipcovered sectionals in advance. It is far cheaper than buying a new suite, even though it looks like you have.

4- Buy blinds for your windows. Since they come ready to fit with just a few screws, they are far more convenient than curtain rails.

Ok, now you have a good idea of how the project is going to work. The trick now is to make a chart. Draw a timeline along a large sheet of paper and mark the hours along it. Next you will need mark on the chart, starting at an early time, tasks that need to be carried out in this order;

  • Paint the ceiling, 1st Coat.

  • Paint the walls, 1st coat.

  • Undercoat the woodwork.

  • Paint the ceiling, 2nd coat.

  • Paint the walls, 2nd coat.

  • Gloss the woodwork.

  • Fit the carpet.

  • Mount new artwork

  • Bring in furniture.

On the timeline, the expected time should be estimated and allocated to whichever workers you think will perform best. People tend to work harder in the morning and begin to stall a little in the afternoon. Keep your workers supplied with tea and a full breakfast with chocolate snacks at every opportunity. Keeping their energy reserves topped up is vital so that you can reach the stage where the woodwork has been glossed before a large break is taken. Your helpers can then rest for two hours.

When the gloss paint is dry, the carpet can be laid gently. Though the paint is dry, it will still be soft and prone to damage. Next, pictures can be mounted on the walls, blinds can be fitted, and the furniture can be brought back in.

At the end of the project, you will be totally exhausted and so will your friends. The next morning you will be able to put your house straight and the job is finished.

The one day makeover is a great idea. The only trouble is that you have to help those who helped you. So it ends up taking a week anyway. Still, at least your home is tidy.


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