Amazing Ways to Make Your Home Bug-Free

Amazing Ways to Make Your Home Bug-Free

Bugs can be a peril. While summer is a great time, you can be somewhat distraught at the prospect having bugs roaming around in your home. Many people have a phobia of bugs. If you have something of a phobia, you may feel alarmed at having bugs in your home. What is more, you don’t want to resort to pesticides to keep them at bay. This is damaging to the environment. There are many green solutions to ensure that your home is insect free.

Here are some amazing ways that you can ensure that your home is bug-free this summer.

The Lowdown on Flies

One of the things that you need to be aware of with flies is that they are unsanitary. They can cause illnesses if they are not dealt with in the main. Bugs come in all forms; wasps, bees and mosquitoes can all have detrimental effects on our health. One of the best things that you can do is safeguard your home against bugs and insects.

Seal Your Doors

Many people forget that bugs creep in through unclosed doors. Of course, this means that during the summer months you may have to keep doors closed. While this is a cost efficient way of keeping bugs out, it is not entirely practical. Sealing doors ensures that bugs do not come into your home. However, the searing heat of the summer months will become unbearable if you do not open doors.

Nets and Screens

Investing in nets is a smart solution. Retractable fly screens will ensure that your home is bug free this summer. What is more, you can enjoy the summer months without having to worry about insects in your home. You can enjoy the fresh summer breeze within your home, but also ensure that your home is not filled with insects. Retractable fly screens can be purchased and installed for a nominal fee. After all, you cannot put a price on having an insect free home.

Maintaining Your Garden

Looking after your garden is critical to keeping bugs at bay. If you have an outdoor swimming pool, you need to make sure it is clean. Bugs and mosquitoes reside near water. Making sure that water is clean will keep them away in the main. You can enjoy your garden this summer by making sure that your yard is clean. Flies and bluebottles often swarm around food. If you have had a BBQ this year, ensure that all food debris is swept away. This will keep the pesky, illness carrying insects away from your home.

Seal Your Pipes

Spiders and bugs make homes in unsealed areas. If you want to make sure that spiders are eliminated from your home, you need to seal the pipes and cracks within the brickwork. While they may still find a place in your home, you can keep them to a minimum. Many people have a spider phobia, so it is important to seal any brickwork to keep them away from home. You don’t want to be scared silly when a spider decides he likes the look of your beautiful home.


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