Moving House? How You Can Benefit From An Eco-Friendly Building

Moving House? How You Can Benefit From An Eco-Friendly Building

The energy efficiency of a building is a vital consideration when you look for a new home. Fuel prices are higher than at any time before and many people struggle to pay their bills. There is no sign that prices will ever come down significantly, so we must use less.

If you are about to move home, you have a golden opportunity to find a place that is eco-friendly and will cost little to run. All buildings that are for sale must have an energy performance certificate for you to inspect. The EPC will give the building an efficiency score. You can use that score as a guide when looking at properties.

Features Of An Eco-Friendly Home

A green home was eco-friendly from the start. The materials used in its construction come from sustainable sources. The timber, for example, will come from a forest where they plant one or more saplings every time they cut a tree down. Here are some other features you can expect to see if you find a suitable building in an estate agents in Swinton.

  • Rammed Earth Walls. Rammed earth is an ancient method of construction, but they are surprisingly strong. These days we can ram them with greater efficiency than the ancients, thanks to modern machinery and shuttering techniques. When there is no air left in the soil, the walls feel as hard as concrete and are waterproof.
  • Straw Walls. It sounds odd, but walls made from bales of straw are incredibly efficient insulators. All passive homes have much insulation, and thick straw walls are ideal for the job. They are quick to build and you coat them in a render to keep the water out.
  • Solar Energy. You can take advantage of what the universe gives us for free if the home has solar panels on the roof. They pay for themselves over fifteen years, after which time they run at a profit. You export energy that you do not use to the grid at a fair price.


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Advantages Of An Eco-Friendly Home

The main advantage is the low running costs to you. Thanks to the extra measures taken to insulate the home well, your energy bills will be low. The best houses do not use artificial heating at all. They have large areas of glass to let the warm sunlight in and the body heat of the occupants is all the building needs to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

‘Preppers’ love green homes. If the power fails or we undergo the expected apocalypse, their way of life will continue unhindered. It is their desire to live completely off the grid and be dependent on no-one. Unfortunately, council tax makes it impossible for you to cast off all of your responsibilities to society, which is a disappointment to them.

You might find happiness in the fact that your carbon footprint is minimal. Your new home will not cause as much damage to the environment as your old one. Relax in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to save the world. Of course, you will have to get rid of the petrol-guzzling 4×4. Or is that one step too far?

I hope you see the benefits of this type of construction. If there is nothing in your locality or price range, perhaps you can improve another home with energy saving features. It isn’t too difficult.

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