How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient is attractive for two main reasons. The first reason is that it’s good for our planet; we should all try to be kinder to the planet, after all, we only get one! Not only that, but being more energy efficient can literally save us a small fortune. You might want to splash out on solar panels, or simply make an extra effort to turn the lights off. Either way, you’re contributing to a happier planet and a richer you! Some things you may need to invest in to see a long term difference, while other things you can make a conscious effort to do every day. Carry on reading to become more energy efficient around the home:

Get Insulation

Insulation is truly a magical thing, and essential for both winter and summer. Making sure you keep the heat in during winter will save you money on your heating bills and stop you from wasting unnecessary energy, while your home will be kept cool in the summer.

Have New Windows Installed

Did you know that the windows can be the biggest cause of heat loss in your house? You may need new windows installed to improve this. Multiple panes are very good for keeping the heat in. Letting natural sunlight into your new windows will also save you having to have your lights on!

Get New Appliances

Older appliances can take up a hell of a lot of energy when in comparison to new appliances. If you suspect your appliances might be more than 8 years old, it could be time for a change. Get new, star rated energy efficient appliances to be sure that you have the best there is available to you. If buying a home for the first time, enquire with an estate agents in Bearwood, for example, on the age of the appliances.

Keep Your Water Heater in the Warm Range

Keeping your water heater in the warm range will stop you from making your water too hot, which can take up a lot of energy. Anywhere between 120 to 140 degrees is absolutely fine. Also check that your water heater element is working properly. Visit to learn more about how you can adjust the temperature to save money and energy today.

Change Your Bulbs

More energy efficient bulbs might cost you more to buy, but they last way longer than non energy efficient bulbs and will save you money. In many cases, they’re brighter too!

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels will cut your energy costs as they help you to produce a small amount of your own electricity!

Plant Trees

If you plant trees outside of your house where you get the most sun during summer time, the shade will help to keep your home cool for free! The tree will be bare in winter, meaning it’ll let sunshine in when there is some.

Turn off the Taps

Never leave the taps running, especially when brushing your teeth. You only need a tiny amount of water in most cases!

Take Things off Standby

Having a TV on standby, for example, could be cost you more than £50 per year. This adds up over the years!

Use an Energy Calculator

By knowing the exact amount of energy you use and how you use it, you can cut down more efficiently. Use an energy calculator to help you.

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