Ways to Design and Remodel Our Offices Eco Friendly

Ways to Design and Remodel Our Offices Eco Friendly

The world is facing a great danger of global warming and the need for eco-friendly behavior is increasing. While the Earth is in danger we must not forget that we are part of it. We are sharing the same destiny and it is our job to make the future safer.

If you are owning only one office or even the entire building there are some things to think about while you are planning to remodel and redesign your workplace into a more Ecofriendly space. Let’s start from the beginning and see what can be done while we are still finding the right design for our new building. First of all, think about a green roof. It covers the top of a building with a layer of plants which are protecting the building from heating. It is more expensive as an investment, but the results will be seen in the future.

Secondly, very important thing is to install efficient windows which are able to block outdoor heat in the summer and to save heat inside during the winter. If your windows are south-facing, then it is best to put some shades on them because they are exposed to the sun more than other windows in your building.

There is something called “smart lighting”. Those systems are able to save energy by having motion detectors and turn off while nothing is moving. Also, try to turn off every light and air conditioner when you are leaving the office. In order to save more energy, always check if you have turned off all computers and other hardware during the weekends.

Also, it is very important to reduce water and waste. You can reduce water consumption by installing dual flush toilets and fixing push tap buttons on washbasins. According to reduce waste you can try to go paperless, distributing documents electronically whenever it is possible. If you must print something, try to use recycled paper and to recycle your own. This is how you can help to save trees, water and forests. Always have a recycling box under every desk. This will remind you all the time to collect used paper.

I would especially suggest to literally make your office green by putting some plants in it. Not only that it will make your working space more productive and yourself and your workers more relaxed, but it will also bring some fresh air and remind you about the need to take care of nature. Put plants all around your office furniture, in and around the cubicles, workstations, chairs, etc.

Very good way to save energy is to buy multifunction machines instead of individual printers, faxes or scanners. This is practical in saving energy just as in saving space.

Now, it is you who need to think further. Find your own ideas. If you are aware of ecological dangers you should think how can you contribute. Maybe you can suggest your coworkers to share transport if you live in the same area or you can just give them a ride from time to time.

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