You Could Reduce Your Energy Bills By Using A Half Hourly Meter

You Could Reduce Your Energy Bills By Using A Half Hourly Meter

If you are own and run a business you will undoubtedly be interested in saving money as much money as you possibly can to keep your overheads low.  One way in which you could do this is by considering a half hour meter for your business.  If you are unfamiliar with what a half hourly meter is and how it can help you, please read on as we explain this in the following article.

What Exactly Are Half Hourly Meters?

Half hourly (or HH) meters are kind of like a type of electricity meter.  In a similar way to a smart meter, they analyse the amount of electricity that is used in half hour intervals and then automatically send the results through a phone connection.  They produce very accurate energy bills because you do not manually have to take meter readings as it is all done automatically.  They can also help your business to become more energy efficient as they will show you how much electricity you are using at different times throughout the day.

What Type Of Businesses Use Half Hourly Meters?

In the UK there are as many as 100,000 meters being used by businesses that you use higher than average levels of electricity.  If a business electricity customer requires anything over 100 kW of electricity in 30 minutes, they have to use a half hourly meter.  This is often referred to as a mandatory half hourly meter.  If your business only has a maximum of 70 kW or more then you can choose to have a half hourly meter.

How Would I Know If My Business Already Has One?

If you are unsure if your business has a half hourly meter, there is an easy way to check.  On your energy bill you will see an S number.  If the S number has 00 in the box at the top left of page, then you definitely already have a half hourly electricity meter.  It may also be the case that you have a half hourly meter if in that same box there is 05, 06, 07 or 08 – but, you will need to check with your electricity supplier to make sure.

Is The Pricing Different For Half Hourly Meters?

Because standard pricing is based on estimates and projected amounts, the pricing is very different to the pricing with a half hourly meter.  The electricity supplier will be able to get very accurate and up to date information about your business energy use, so it can base the pricing on the specific level of usage by your company.

Is It Possible To Switch Half Hourly Business Electricity Tariffs?

It can be a bit of a mine field trying to negotiate a half hourly electricity contract because of the requirement of detailed information, the variable supplier hedging strategies and the constantly changing market prices.  However, if you employ the services of an energy broker they will be able to help you negotiate a better half hourly meter deal.

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