Traditional Planters: Creating a Dream Decking Area

Traditional Planters: Creating a Dream Decking Area

Traditional planters look great in whatever garden you have, but when on decking they can look even better.

There are a number of ways you can start matching the right traditional planters to your decking area, it’s recommended that you look at the following:

Colour Co-Ordination – Think about what other elements are included within your decking area already. If you plan to start from scratch, then it’s easier to look at everything together. However, if you already have your decking, with other features, then cast your eyes around what you already have and list all the types of colours that will match, compliment or contrast, depending on your individual taste.

Styling – Decking can be very different, so it’s important that you look at the style of the decking area before deciding on what traditional planters to use. Some decking can be very traditional, while others can be very modern. Also, think about your own home, as traditional planters may fit in better with a more traditional build home.

Flowers – If you are going to use flowers in traditional planters then it’s recommended you think about the flowers that will be planted. Each flower offers something unique, whether it’s the colour, the time of year it blooms, how big they can grow or, indeed, how they grow. Flowers can add some life to both your traditional planters and your decking area.

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Grasses and Shrubs – These things are another great way to introduce life to your traditional planter, and decking area.

Sensory – Gardens and decking areas are what you make of them, whether they are designed to be tranquil areas of beauty or a functional hub of activity, it’s vital that they work for you. Choosing the right traditional planters is, therefore, essential to maintain the areas environment.

Features – You can easily use traditional planters as features, much like you have a feature wall, painting of fireplace within the home. If you do plan to use one, or several traditional planters on your decking, ensure that they have all the elements that make them a feature – ensure that they are noticed.

Once you’ve considered the above areas, then you’ll be ready to choose the perfect range, or ranges of traditional planters for your decking area. There’s plenty of choice too, so you can pick something that’s both right for your decking area and what best denotes your own likes and personality.

To help you decide, here’s some examples of traditional planters that are readily available:

Pedestal – These planters are tall and normally come in a range of colours and styles.

Perennials – Like the Pedestal range, they are tall, and ideal for potted plants, and come in a range of finishes.

Planter Trellis – Ideal for breaking up different areas of your decking. These are mainly timber, but come in a range of different types of wood and finishes.

Planter Box – These are probably the most common, and are available in timber and metal. Because they are so wide-place, they come in many different shapes (mainly square and rectangular).

You are now fully equipped to go and choose the right planters for your decking. Just ensure that the planters fit in with your decking area, its uses and your own personality.

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