Why You Should Choose Amazing Furniture for Your Home

Why You Should Choose Amazing Furniture for Your Home

If you are in the market for new furniture, you may be looking to the high street and the large chain stores. However, if your home as a very specific and distinctive modern style and colour scheme, it may be difficult for you to find the best matching furniture from just anywhere. Although there are furniture chain stores that offer some customisation, this is usually limited to the size and possibly even the colour.

This may not be enough customisation for your home. That’s why you should consider Design Within Reach furniture. If you’ve never heard of DWR before or have always been on the fence somewhat regarding them, then hopefully we can change your mind a little by discussing what we love about this furniture manufacturer and retailer.

Full Range of Furniture to Choose From

First things first, if you are redecorating your home, you may be looking to also completely refurbished the property too. That means you will be looking for furniture that’s suitable for a variety of different rooms. Design Within Reach has a huge selection to choose from including everything from living room furniture to bedroom and workspaces. They even have a wide range of lighting, storage and accessories to choose from too. You really could get just about everything you need, and more, from just DWR.

Stylish and Modern

Do you want to have a home that looks like it belongs in the year 2019? Then Design Within Reach can help. They are authentically modern and stylish and all their pieces drip with character.


By far the biggest draw to Design Within Reach is undoubtedly the fact that their furniture can be customised to meet the different tastes and styles of their customers. It may be that when choosing a sofa or a table from a different brand or store, you have a dilemma. Although they have the right style of sofa or table, it is not available in the right colour for the room you are going to be placing it, or it doesn’t have the right upholstery fabric to match your unique preferences.

Enter Design Within Reach. In some way, shape or form, all their furniture is customisable to an extent. With their sofas, for instance, you don’t just have options like choosing the size and capacity, you can also choose the upholstery fabric, the colour and even the type of legs it has too. The same is true of the tables too. Now, it does depend on the furniture you are looking for, as to how much customisation is available for it. However, the fact is that compared to other furniture stores, they do offer you to find the right piece and not have to compromise.

Some of the Best Designers

Another key thing we feel that separates Design Within Reach from other retailers and stores is the fact that they have assembled a sterling list of designers and architects to work with. People like Alvar Aalto and Charlotte Ackemar.