Need New Carpets? Pay Weekly!

Need New Carpets? Pay Weekly!

A good choice of carpet can really make a room complete. Whether you want a plain, modern look or are a fan of traditional carpets, the choice of designs and types is quite bewildering. Carpets, when maintained well, make for a long-lasting floor covering. There are – however – certain problems with buying cheap carpets.

Cheap carpets may not be very well made, and may wear very easily. This is where you need to consider quality as a major point. The problem is that quality carpets can be expensive – but there is a way you can get excellent quality carpets without having to lay out a lot of money.

Think about this: how many household appliances have you bought on hire purchase, where you pay monthly or weekly? You might have furniture that is paid for on an ongoing basis, or perhaps your white goods are paid in this way? What about doing that with your carpets?

Yes, we’re being serious, you can buy pay weekly carpets and get quality carpet for little outlay, and it’s a very effective way of doing things.

Choose Your Carpet and Pay Weekly!

The way it works is very simple, and just like any other weekly payment scheme you would enter into. You can get a great quality carpet fitted and in your home for as little as £10 a week. It’s a great service, and there is plenty of choice.

Pay As You Go Carpets are the people to talk to, and they will come to your home with samples and swatches, measure up and help you choose, then give you the weekly cost of having that carpet fitted!

What do you need to be accepted? There are a few requirements that you will need to comply with, but the good news is there are no credit checks. You must be able to show you have a valid bank card that is in your name. This will be used to pay a £40 deposit, which will be taken on the day of your appointment.

The balance will then be paid off in weekly amounts – as little as £10 – directly from your bank account, and you can actually choose to pay fortnightly or monthly if you wish. It really is that easy, and your carpets will be fitted within 3 weeks of your deposit being paid.

Free Underlay

Everyone deserves to be able to furnish their home as nicely as possible, but not everyone has the ready cash to buy what they want. With Pay As You Go Carpets – you should also check out their furniture department – you get the opportunity to have beautiful carpets, but without any major one-off outlay.

They also supply free underlay, grippers and door plates with all orders, so you’re saving even more money when you buy your carpets this way. Check them out now for the best deals and easy payment plans on quality carpets, you really can’t go wrong and the choice is fantastic.