Why Many Consumers Prefer Live Chat Services to Telephone Calls

The modern consumer expects customer service to be of first-class quality whether for services or goods. This is especially so when we come to online retail and business. Digital communication is the way for many people these days – especially with messaging services and email – and this has become the norm in customer care circles too.

Look at any website from a retailer – and for other online services – and you’ll find there is usually the option of a live chat function. This allows you to talk to an agent or customer care operative online, directly and in real time. A large proportion of consumers prefer this to using a telephone. Why is live chat now the preferential method in customer care solutions, and who uses it? Let’s have a look.

Why Live Chat is Preferred

The use of live chat on websites is most prevalent in areas of commerce where the customer may have many questions that would lead to a long and potentially expensive telephone call. Indeed, market sectors such as power and insurance were among the first to adopt these systems. One great example of how live chat is put to good use can be seen with the clever and confident Scottish Power live chat system.

Many live chat functions also offer an AI option if all agents are busy. These can recognise certain key words and phrases and ensure that the consumer is put through to someone with the requisite knowledge to help. Furthermore, live chat is the preferred method of communication when used by persons who are hard of hearing or deaf, for obvious reasons, this being a group that makes up a large section of consumers and yet is often overlooked.

Are you a fan of live chat, and are there any retailers online you use who do not offer this service? Next, we talk about the types of businesses that utilise this form of communication.

Who Offers Live Chat?

Live chat is a feature that will likely be found on most websites where enquiries are made. For example, check out Game live chat from the market leading Game Stores, suppliers of all things gaming and associated with gaming. They have a live chat function that not only allows you to make enquiries about products, to chase up orders and to make complaints, but also for giving advice on games and further.

This sort of commitment to customer care ensures that consumers appreciate the service offered by Game – and by many other such retailers who also provide similar solutions – goes further than would normally be expected in the market sector. This is the sort of attention to detail that the consumer is looking for.

Live chat is a simple yet useful function in the banking industry, in retail and also for those providing services that need to answer questions and get quotes out quickly. This is the way forward for interactive websites, so check out live chat further and leave that phone alone!