Why Click and Collect is the Talk of the Moment

There’s no doubt that the last year has seen many families change their shopping habits. Those of use who already enjoyed the benefits of online retail have been using such facilities more regularly, while many new converts have been introduced to one of the delights of the digital age.

Restrictions on movement have led not only to many people working from home but also staying away from shops, and it’s notable that many of the major high street retailers have upped their game in terms of online shopping features. One area that has seen a huge increase in usage is ‘click and collect’. What’s it all about, and why should you consider it? This brief article explains the benefits of click and collect services, with the focus on two major retailers.

Why Choose Click and Collect?

What is click and collect? It’s a simple process in which you order your items using the company website and rather than them delivering to you, you pick them up from your nearest store within a certain time. This has many benefits, one of which is directly related to recent events.

Home delivery of groceries is not a new idea, but it’s become more popular in recent years. Major retailers offer such a service at your convenience. You order online, book a slot and the delivery comes to you within that agreed time. However, while this works well in normal times, as soon as the first lockdown came into being demand for home deliveries rocketed.

Retailers soon found themselves overwhelmed and all slots quickly booked for weeks ahead. The beauty of click and collect is that you can still order online, but you don’t need to wait for the delivery slot. If you use M&S click and collect – for example – you have seven days in which to collect from your chosen store, although perishable food must be collected the next day.

Who Offers Click and Collect?

Most of the major supermarket chains offer a click and collect service, as do some of the online retailers who will deliver to a local store that participates in such a service. We’ve mentioned M&S above, and if you use ASDA click and collect you can pick up your order at one of their stores or, if it’s more convenient, it will be left for you at any one of the 300-plus ASDA petrol stations throughout the UK.

The convenience of click and collect is clear to see. While not as beneficial as a home delivery, as things stand customers will wait a long time to secure a delivery slot from any of the major retailers despite them having taken on more drivers and rented vehicles to try and meet demand.

Click and collect has been brought to the attention of many consumers who would usually have gone to their local superstore to get their shopping in. If you know what you need, the simplicity of placing and order online and then collecting it at your convenience cannot be overlooked, hence this is a service that is here to stay.