5 DIY Air Compressor Uses

What do you think when you hear the words air and compressor uttered in the same breath? Loud and slightly irritating but great for inflating stuff? When you put it like that it doesn’t exactly sound like the most exciting thing in the world really.

However, that’s only if you have a closed mind. What you probably didn’t realise is that if you invested in an air compressor and appropriate air tools, then you have some truly awesome DIY tools.

Spray Painting

Do you get bored with getting the rollers and brushes out to do any cleaning you have to do? Well, one way to add a touch of excitement and speed up the whole process is by investing in an air compressor spray gun. As well as making things quicker and easier, they also provide a smoother finish than more conventional options.

Nail Gun

Whether you are looking to put up some wardrobes and bookcases or you have numerous little fixing and repairing jobs to do here and there? Air compressor-powered nail guns are a much quicker, cheaper, and lighter option than wired or battery powered options. Rather than getting the hammer out, you will find things much easier to rely on a pneumatic nail gun.

Air Rachet for DIY Car Repairs

Are you the type of person that is capable of and enjoys handling the majority of car issues, but don’t really have the tools with the power necessary? An air compressor could be a great little investment. Air tools like air rachets are great to use on rusty tyre inflator attachments and wheel nuts or even gearboxes. All around its an easier and quicker option than heading to the closest petrol station or using a foot pump.

Air Blower Tool Cleaning

You have not really cleaned up until you have used an air compressor-powered air blowing gun. Whether you want something to clean up after your tinkering and crafting in the garage or workshop or just want to give your utility room or kitchen a good and deep clean.

Inflates Sports Equipment

Okay, this is perhaps not a surprising or too much of a leftfield kind of thing, but, If you are still living in the past and using a foot pump or hand pump, you are really missing out. An air compressor pump is a tool you need. Got kids that like kicking the football around the garden or the local park? Perhaps they have a bike and are forever dealing with flat tyres and slow punctures. Whatever it is, even if it’s volleyballs, basketballs, rugby balls or something else, you will really notice the difference.

Your children will also think you are some kind of pumping legend.

As you can see, rather than being a bit of a gimmick, there is plenty of great DIY uses for air compressors that make them a worthwhile investment, regardless of whether you are into intensive DIY projects around the house or just want to inflate a paddling pool or football for the kids. If you find you have any problems, follow the link for air compressor repairs.