Does Bad Electrical Work Harm Your Family?

More and more people are turning to do DIY around the home, not just because they want to save money but because there is an enormous sense of worth that comes from knowing you’ve done something yourself. While it may be okay to do your painting and decorating work, electrical work is usually considered to be more technical. Having said that, thanks to the internet and home improvement shows, more people are willing to give electrical DIY a go.

You may wonder, is it really dangerous to you and your family to handle your own electrical work? Any electrician, Akron, Ohio-based, worth their qualifications and experience would tell you yes! But to give you some clarity and detail as to why we are going to look at some of the issues that bad electrical work can cause in the home.

Risk of Electrocution

Why beat around the bush, when we would rather just state plainly one of the worst things that can happen – electrocution. This is why it was a good comparison to mention other DIY work like painting and decorating at the outset. You can recover easily from dropping a hammer on your toe or splodging paint over the floor. However, when electricity is involved there is a higher risk of things going badly, and recovery may not even be possible. When you touch the wrong wires together, even just accidentally, or do not make the appropriate checks to ensure the current is off, you or someone else in your household could suffer serious injury or even die.


Again, sticking with the most serious risks, using the wrong gauge of wiring, faulty connections, or overloading your electrical circuit, may not just result in electrocution or the system failing, but could cause sparks and overheating and may even result in fire.

Violating Codes

Okay so this may not immediately harm your family, if you have your property on the market and do DIY electrical work, there is a chance it may violate codes, which will cause problems when you are trying to sell the house. It will hurt you in the bank balance if you have to repair poorly executed electrical work.

Disasters with Ceiling Fans 

Many people see jobs like the installation of ceiling fans as easy enough. They are readily available to buy in stores, so it is understandable. However, there is a real potential for property damage and injury to members of your household by taking on this kind of work yourself. Poorly installed ceiling fans have been known to fall down and hit people.

Wrong Labels on Breaker Boxes

If you work on a breaker box or install a new one and put the wrong labels on it, you could cause potential problems further down the line. If you think the current is off because the lights are off, for example, you may start working on the wires, without realizing they are still live, with dangerous consequences.