Surprisingly Green Hobbies That Don’t Hurt the Planet

Surprisingly Green Hobbies That Don’t Hurt the Planet

If you want to live a greener life then there are plenty of easy things you can do in order to get started. However, there are also some surprising green ideas you might not yet be aware of, such as these great hobbies that won’t hurt the planet.

Play Games Online

In the past, lots of people liked to head out to the local casino or bingo hall to play some games. This was a lovely way of getting out and meeting some friends while enjoying some games. These days, it is increasingly common for fun seekers to play games online at sites such as instead. This means that you avoid the transport issues and even the use of printed cards. Playing at home on the computer is a smart way to enjoy some games without causing harm to the planet. There are now plenty of exciting games you can play online in this way without having to worry about the impact of what you are doing.

Get Out the Board Games

Clearly there is an environmental impact associated with the production of board games. However, if you keep the same game and play with it numerous times over the years then it seems fair to class this as a green hobby.  If you sit down with the family in the evening and play a few rounds of your favourite games it is a low key and very green way to pass the evening. It is also one of the best ways to pass some time with your family or with a group of friends. If you want to host an informal green party with some friends then you could get out some classic board games to go with the organic snacks, homemade drinks and whatever other ideas you have in mind. Just about everyone loves to play one of these timeless board games, so it is usually a guaranteed way to keep all of your guests happy.

Print off Papercraft Ideas

This last idea is another which involves doing a few things which has some environmental impact but this is very little in the big scheme of things. Papercraft involves printing off a number of pieces of paper from the internet. You might be loathe to print much paper these days but using recycled ink cartridges and paper from trees in sustainable forests helps limit the impact. Once you have these pieces of paper in your hands then you need to put them together in order to produce the desired object.  This can range from something very simple to a highly complex design of a boat or a car, for example. The amount of time you spend working on the final design should be enough to ensure that the initial printing of the paper turns out to be a small part of the whole thing. Of course, if you make a great job of it and end up with a fine looking end result then it will be something you hold onto for a very long time and get a lot of pleasure out of.

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