Self-Build vs Package Homes – Which Is Best For You. It’s All Here

Self-Build vs Package Homes – Which Is Best For You. It’s All Here

Moving into a new home is an exciting phase in anyone’s life. Getting to that stage is often stressful and only comes after much hard work. Even so, most people manage to own a house at some point in their lives.

Bespoke homes are in great demand at the moment, with people clamouring to buy land and draw up plans for it. There are those who will appoint a designer and employ builders to carry out the work, those who micromanage the complete project from start to finish, and those who buy a package deal, where the design, build and land are all included in one price.

We are going to take a look at self-builds and package deals today, to see if we can discover which one is best.

Self Build Home

There are many things to consider when managing your own project. You will need excellent organisational skills and nerves of steel to carry you through the stressful periods, of which there will be plenty.

You must find land on which to build. That is not as easy as it sounds because not all available land has planning permission for building homes. Often people are forced into buying an existing property and demolishing it, which make the whole project very expensive.

You need the services of an architect to draw up the plans, which you must then submit for planning approval. They may not meet all of the requirements first time so you may have to alter them  before the planning committee sits again.

You will have to pay for materials in advance. Organising and timing deliveries is a difficult part of the project.

Arranging labour is a nightmare. You will learn how unreliable people can be.

The local building inspector will visit your construction site at named junctures in the build to make sure everything is in accordance with the building regulations. If it is not, progress comes to a halt until you correct it.

The mortgage lender will only release the money to you in stages. Waiting for these stages to be confirmed wastes more time, and you cannot afford to proceed until you have the money for the next part of the project.


Lee Haywood

Package Deal

With a package deal, you start by choosing the right land lot in Baldivis, or wherever else houses are for sale, and then speak to the designers. They will draw up the plans for your dream home. Then you sit back and wait while everything else is taken care of for you. That is it. When they finish the house, your mortgage lender will pay for it, and you can move in. You end up with a bespoke home that is brand new and totally stress free.

I suspect that, having read all of the above, you can guess what my recommendation is going to be. Yes, managing the project yourself may be the cheapest option, but to what other costs? The pressure is crippling and brings many people to their breaking point. I think that the package deal wins hands down. Choose the land, design a home, and sit back in eager anticipation. That is worth more than money. Don’t you agree?

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