Make the Most of Your New Kitchen with a Romantic Meal for Two, Cooked by Two

Make the Most of Your New Kitchen with a Romantic Meal for Two, Cooked by Two

Eating a meal together may be intimate and romantic but so is cooking one together.

Whether you’ve just moved in or have been cohabiting with kids for years, cooking a romantic meal is a great way to christen the gadgets and equipment in your new kitchen.

Cooking a three course meal gives you the opportunity to test out your new oven hob, ice-dispensing fridge and nifty spice or wine rack while you gaze lovingly at your partner over a central island or mop cake batter from their brow.

Here are some tips on how to make the first meal you cook in your new kitchen a fun and romantic experience for both of you:

Give Yourselves a Challenge

If you love Thai food but only ever eat it in restaurants or fancy a soufflé or seafood dish but hear they’re terribly difficult to make, now is the time to take the plunge and try cooking some of the foods you love with someone you love, in your own home.

If you have kids, it’s time to pack them off to grandma’s house for a sleepover.

Take the time to find recipes you both love and don’t be afraid to mix things up. Have a Mexican starter, a French main and a traditional English pud if that’s what makes your taste buds tingle.

Spend the afternoon shopping for ingredients in a store or market you don’t normally visit. This is an opportunity to break with all sorts of routines and make the whole experience, not just the eating, fun.

You can split your menu and take responsibility for different tasks or dishes, or work on everything together.

Trying out new things is exciting and between you, you can work as a team to figure out what it means to julienne your carrots, butterfly your fish of flambé your cocktails.

Your efforts might not earn you a Michelin star. You might even end up eating toast. But the experience of trying will bring you closer together and give you something to savour or laugh about later.

Do a Delicious Dessert

A gooey, indulgent dessert is the way to go with a romantic meal.

The task of baking a cake or making a toffee sauce from scratch together could be a deliciously fun way to learn some new kitchen skills and try out your new utensils.

Set the Scene

While your food is cooking, use the time to set the scene for romance.

Get changed out of your cooking clobber, lay the table with polished wine glasses and some candles, dim the lights and if you haven’t done so already, put some romantic music on.

Ignore the mess. Your new dishwasher can take care of that later. Just relax, savour the spoils of your hard work and figure out what kind of romantic meal you will cook together next time.

For advice on how to create a romantic atmosphere in your own kitchen, contact the planning and design experts at LWK Kitchens who can help you create the perfect space for two to cook in.

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