Saving Energy Like a Pro: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now in Your Home

Saving Energy Like a Pro: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now in Your Home

It is an unfortunate fact that we as a species are standing on the precipice of a major climate shift. Whether the shift is caused by mankind’s emissions of CO2 is a matter of much debate. Geological records show that the climate has experienced dramatic shifts in the past, from ice ages to desert extremes. Our government tells us that we can slow the climate change by turning off our appliances instead of leaving those little LED’s burning on standby. That kind of statement displays their idiocracy perfectly. Do you know that by leaving all of your appliances on standby, you would save enough energy to run your car engine for less than one second over the whole year?

There are some sensible projects we can undertake, however; that will save us money. They will have no impact on the environment since the coal fired power stations in China use more energy in a heartbeat than you will ever create in your lifetime.

We will take a look here, at a few ways you can save money in your home.


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The number one tip and the easiest step to take is to insulate your home. Heat escaping is the number one cause of wasted energy. There are several projects to undertake:

  • Loft insulation. If you only have enough money to carry out one job, this is it. Heat rises and goes through the roof of our homes if we allow it. At least six inches of good quality insulation should be used as a barrier to heat loss.

  • Cavity wall insulation. The second biggest culprit to heat loss is our walls. New properties have insulation inbuilt but older ones need upgrading. The insulation is pumped in through pre-drilled holes in the walls.

  • Double Glazing. Replacing your tired old window frames will be an expensive project. New double glazed units will pay for themselves in the long run, so it may be worth thinking long term.

  • Drafts. Seek out and put a stop to any air leaks in your home that aren’t meant to be there. Use draft excluder around doors and pay particular attention to the letter box.


When you have dealt with all of the passive measures around the home, it is time to become active. Generating your own power isn’t as scary as it sounds. Take, for instance, solar panels. The latest technology allows your roof to begin saving, and even making, money for you, even on dull days. As long as there is sunlight; they can generate. They are a very expensive investment, but the benefits are clear. Within 15 years they will pay for themselves and then you are into pure profit. They require no maintenance and excess electricity is sold back to the power companies. They have no impact on wildlife either so it is hard to find an argument against them.

On a different scale, small wind turbines will generate enough energy to charge a bank of batteries. These batteries can then be used to power a 12v lighting system in the home or even, with the use of an inverter, run 230v equipment. The latter is very draining on the batteries so a large bank would be beneficial.

Switch Supplier

Switching supplier is a simple way money can be saved. Ohio Edison is one of many utility providers that will guide you through the switching process and help you find a suitable energy plan.

As mentioned at the start of this article; you don’t have the power to make a jot of difference to the climate. Don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes on that one. You can, however, ease your conscience by knowing you are making an effort, and save money at the same time. Trying to be green is still a worthwhile exercise.


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