In 2014 Why Don’t You Try Growing Your Own Vegetable Patch?

In 2014 Why Don’t You Try Growing Your Own Vegetable Patch?

With the concerns many people hold around genetically modified foodstuffs, deciding to grow your own vegetables this summer could be a fantastic way of ensuring your entire family only eats organic products when sitting down to dinner in the evening times. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need much space to achieve this, so with a little bit of creative engineering, there’s no reasons why you all can’t find a suitable area in your gardens with enough sunlight to guarantee the plants grow. That said, you’ll want to spend some time reading up on planting and watering techniques if you want to get it right first time.

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Those of you who don’t mind eating the supermarket rubbish might take a little more convincing through, which is why this article will focus on providing you with legitimate reasons why does this is a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to the issue of world hunger, most of the anti-GM arguments fall flat on their face. Still, in a climate where it’s more than possible to grow your own, you’d be a fool not to try it out.

Still not convinced about the issue? Then let me provide you with some interesting information that could sway your opinion.

Genetically Modified Food Means Genetically Modified Humans

For thousands of years since humans have existed on this planet, they’ve only ever eaten natural foods that are already produced in nature. This has kept us in tune with the world and ensured we don’t inhibit any genetic mutilations. There simply hasn’t been enough tests on GM food to know the full implications of it on our continued evolution, so it’s best avoided.

Growing Your Own Food Is Good For The Soul

Go and ask any psychiatrist or mental health professional, and they’ll tell you that spending time outdoors can have a massive impact on conditions like anxiety and depression. Growing your own food could even have a greater impact than the experts realise, as it helps you to understand the needs of another life forms, and encourages you to stop serving your own ego and start concentrating on looking after your plants. Also, this is a very calming exercise that doesn’t require a high level of commitment with regards to timing. So, although you’ll need to give the plants water every day, the timing will be very much down to you.

You’ll Save Lots Of Money In The Long Run

Sure, the initial setup will set you back a little financially. You need to buy agricultural equipment from specialists like Tow and Farm, seeds from your local store and possibly even more. Still, all these investments should pay for themselves upon reaching your first yield. After that, you could save a significant amount if you decide to plant the right veg.

Hopefully, you now understand exactly why digging your own vegetable patch and starting to grow organic food over the next few weeks could be the best move you’ve ever made. Why put your life in the hands of multinational companies who’re only focused on profit when you can simply cut them out of the equation and bypass their products completely?

This is a no-brainer!

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