Popular Museums to Visit in Kensington for Free

Popular Museums to Visit in Kensington for Free

Did you know that Queen Victoria was born in 1819, at one of the grandest buildings of Kensington? Kensington Palace today is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This iconic place has a rich political and cultural history due to the presence of royal figures. Once home to the ever loved Princess Diana; tourists can go for a walk at the Royal Kensington Gardens, close to the palace. There are a number of places to visit near Kensington like the Royal Albert Hall, world famous Madame Tussauds, the London Embassies and the magnificent Buckingham Palace. Tourists with an inclination towards history, archaeology and culture must visit the popular museums at Exhibition Road. Most of the museums do not charge for entry. It could take you an entire day at each of the museums due to the abundance of marvellous exhibits. A good idea would be to stay at a cheap & budget hotel in Kensington, as it provides easy access to the city’s sort-after tourist destinations.

Top 3 Museums to Visit in South Kensington

From Earls Court Central London, you can take a tube ride to nearby areas of Knightsbridge and Chelsea. If you do not want to waste much time and money travelling, then you can choose from the renowned hotels in Kensington such as the Eden Plaza Kensington Hotel.

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Here is a look at each one of them.

  • Natural History Museum: With four acres of gallery space, this neo-gothic building has more than 50 million things to exhibit. The museum takes you on a mindboggling journey from prehistoric times to the present age. The exhibits are segregated into five essential categories covering zoology, palaeontology, botany, mineralogy and entomology. There is a huge range of ancient fossils and stuffed animals, among the various exhibits. The dinosaur gallery is complete with an animated, life sized and roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex. There is a 91-feet long blue whale model in the Whale gallery, over a hundred preserved spiders at the Creepy Crawlies gallery and an extensive display of assembled skeletons and bones of prehistoric dinosaurs.


  • Science Museum: This science based museum covers a panorama of technology and science through the ages. There is a comprehensive display of inventions and discoveries from the Space age to the Industrial Revolution. The Science Museum is packed with interactive exhibits from industrial technology, space exploration and human biology. The interactive exhibits, turning handles and displays that move or light up make it a popular option for children and parents alike. You can star in your very first personalized special effects video, or shake your own hand and even calculate your heartbeat.


  • Victoria & Albert Museum: This world famous art and design museum depicts over 3,000 years of creativity and human civilization. Queen Victoria laid its foundation stone in 1899. Today you can see collections of sculptures, paintings, jewelleries, textile, furniture, photograph and ceramics from the Medieval Renaissance gallery, the British Gallery and the Jewellery gallery.

While searching for a hotel in Kensington, you can choose to stay in South Kensington close to all three of the above museums. You can even shop at Harrods as it is a stone’s throw away. Do not forget to look for cheap and budget hotels in Kensington and bargain for a good price.

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