Beyond the London Holiday

Beyond the London Holiday

“God made the country, and man made the town.”
~ William Cowper, The Task

Maybe you are torn about visiting London but a week-long city life can be exhausting and you might want to relax against the backdrop of country life. So, choose the best of both worlds by planning a trip to London that extends to the country side as well. Staying in London can be hassle free when you choose to stay at hotels near St Pancras Station, like Comfort Inn Kings Cross St Pancras London in Central London, which offers clean and comfortable accommodation at budget rates, and is located within easy reach of some of the best tube networks to get around the city.

London can be quite busy during the autumn and spring season, with an array of festivals. You can choose to travel at this time of the year to get a sneak peak at some of the celebrated festivals and events spread across the city.

Top Places to Visit outside London

Here’s a list of the top places to visit outside London that fall under a 60 mile radius of hotels near Euston Station or St Pancras Station in Central London. This part of London is well connected and you can choose to take a train to any of the following destinations from Kings Cross or St Pancras.

  1. Cambridge: Take a tour of one of the oldest universities in the world. Set in a cosy medieval town, you get to enjoy the beautiful quiet of this town. Take in the countryside, cycling through East Anglia and the exhilarating beaches of the North Norfolk and Lincolnshire coasts.
  2. Bridgton: Often referred to as London’s Beach, this town has an identity of its own. Explore the Royal Pavilion, the Pier and the North Laine. This quaint coast is known for its excellent fish and chips and shopping.
  3. Arundel: This majestic town has a magnificent castle that is still occupied by the Duke of Norfolk, although it is open to the public. This gorgeous country also has England’s most impressive Catholic cathedrals. Climping Beach near Littlehampton is one of the most pleasant small beaches that are a must visit.
  4. Whitstable: This is England’s oyster capital. This salty town on the Kent coast has a great cycling trail that extends to a part of Canterbury. Walks along the sand beaches are refreshing and can be totally divine experiences.
  5. Amersham: This Buckinghamshire town is just 34 miles from Central London. You can choose to leave your luggage behind in a hotel near St Pancras Station as you board a tube to Amersham. It is a peaceful town to walk through at leisure and cycle in bliss.

While in London, be sure to check out the must see sites like the British museum, Buckingham Palace, British Library, Palace of Westminster, London Zoo, Regents Park and Camden Market. You can even use the Euston Station to visit a few places and proceed to other tube networks.

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