Popular Landmarks of Edinburgh

Popular Landmarks of Edinburgh

Did you know that Edinburgh was recognized as ‘The Royal Capital of Scotland’ in 1437? In 1995, UNESCO recognized the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh as world heritage sites. In 2004, UNESCO launched the ‘UNESCO Creative Cities’ initiative and Edinburgh was designated as the ‘City of Literature.’It was also the first member of the initiative. Not only this, according to a poll by YouGov, conducted in 2009, Edinburgh was applauded as the “Most Desirable City to live in the UK.”

Does this raise the level of excitement about visiting this city of rich historical and cultural relevance for the nation? Then plan your trip well in advance. Start with booking yourself accommodation at a hotel near Edinburg train station, such as Piries Hotel.

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Explore Edinburgh through Its Landmark

Once you are sure that you have accommodation at a location that has good connectivity, such as a hotel near Edinburg train station, the next thing to do is learn about all the must-see landmarks of this region.

  • Castle: Edinburgh is famous for its castles and regal history. Edinburgh Castle, located in the Old Town, is built at one of the highest points in the city. Since the castle has continuously been used ever since its construction 1,000 years ago, it is well maintained and breathtakingly beautiful.Craigmillar Castle is within 5 km of Edinburgh city centre. The ruins of this castle are worth a visit because they are absolutely mesmerizing.TheAbbey and Palace of Holyroodhouse is located in Old Town. Here, you can visit the beautiful queen’s gallery.
  • Camera Obscura and the World of Illusion:This is the oldest tourist attraction in Edinburgh and has been amazing visitors since 1835. Camera Obsura offers a 360o panoramic view of the entire region, while the World of Illusion will leave you awe-struck with five floors of optical illusions.Edinburgh Zoo: Wonder how cute penguins would look while parading? Visit Edinburgh Zoo for this exclusive penguin march and some exquisite varieties of flora and fauna. You can have great family outing right here.
  • Sports and Games: People here are rugby and football enthusiasts, and if you share their passion, do catch a rugby match at Murrayfield stadium. You can witness a 6 nation championship here, organized every spring. You can also catch a match at Edinburgh rugby club. For football enthusiasts, don’t miss the Heart of the Midlothian FCs, Tynecastle Park.
  • Museums & galleries: Relive the history of this place through its museums and galleries. This city gives you ample choices, with the Museum of Scotland, National Gallery of Scotland and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

To be able to enjoy all these landmarks to the fullest, make sure you pick a cheap & budget hotel in Edinburgh that is well connected to Edinburgh Airport and Edinburgh train station. Also, make sure to book your rooms in a hotel near Edinburgh train station well in advance to avoid any last minute disappointments.

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