How To Decorate Your Gifts In An Eco Friendly Way

How To Decorate Your Gifts In An Eco Friendly Way

Whether you are a casual nature lover or a dedicated vegan, decorating a gift in an eco-friendly way can give the recipient a taste of your compelling lifestyle. More importantly, using eco-friendly gift decorations can help save Mother Earth by cutting down pollution as well as reducing carbon footprint. As you embellish your gift with eco-friendly decorations, you are also encouraging the recipient in taking a big leap towards a greener and healthier life, helping foster a sense of responsibility and care for planet. On top it all off, using eco-friendly decorations for your gift is a far cheaper solution than buying mass-produced gift decors.

Decorating a gift in an eco-friendly way isn’t as complicated as most people thought it would be. Also, eco-friendly decorations do not have to be bland or boring. As you decorate a gift, you just have to get your creative juices flowing, and come up with lovely and alluring eco-friendly gift decorations from regular materials, such as fabrics and papers. Here are some tips from Tiny Box Company, experts in eco friendly gift boxes and packaging:

Grocery paper bags and newspapers

Grocery paper bags and newspapers are timeless classics, when it comes to creating environment friendly decorations and gifts. For years, people have used these items not only to help preserve the environment, but also to save money from their gift decorations. While these earth-friendly decorations may look dull on your present, you can still make it look more interesting by adding a personal touch to it using fabric bows. Likewise, you can make it more attractive and psychedelic by adding colors to it through crayons, markers and glitter glue pens.

Unused maps

If you have a handful of unused road maps lying around your home, make sure to turn these pieces into a gift wrap. Indeed, using them is a creative and eco-friendly way of wrapping a gift. Ideally, this makes a great decoration or wrapping to a recipient who is fond of traveling.

Recycled wooden basket

Using a recycled wooden basket adds an element of style and sophisticated to your gift.  To make it more charming and eye-catching, line it with a plethora of natural materials, such as straw or excelsior. If you are using it to give away to homemade treats to a friend, make sure to decorate its bottles and jars with vintage ribbon and fabric. Likewise, arrange the basket’s containers, so they labels would be clearly visible.

Recycled bracelets

Using a set of recycled bracelet is truly one of the best ways to decorate your gift in a very eco-friendly way. Handmade out of recycled food labels, candy wrappers and soda labels, these bracelets are not only earth friendly, but they are multicolored and stylish as well. What’s more, their colorful designs are neither masculine nor feminine, meaning these decorations can work well for either gender. As for the price, these braces are quite affordable, compared to other non-recycled decorations.

Clay flower pots

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind decoration you can use for your gift, consider using a clay flower pot. With a clay flower pot, you have a unique, charming and earth-friendly alternative to your traditional gift paper wraps. What’s more, it is like an empty canvas where you can paint it and make it look more gorgeous.

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